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Addictive Branding: How to Attract Awesome Clients and Keep Them Coming Back

Addictive Branding

Have you ever come across an article or read a newsletter from an industry leader that made you feel like they were speaking directly to you? Content that made you think “This is great! It’s exactly what I needed to hear right now!” or “This person totally gets me.” 

When your brand resonates and connects with prospects on a personal level, and most importantly it piques their interest, compelling them to dive deeper into what your brand is about and what it offers–then you’re on your way to an addictive brand that will keep people coming back for more.

So, how can you do this in your brand to attract more of the clients you want?

Take note that I said “clients you want” and not “every potential client in the world”. There is a type of client you want to work with, whose needs you specialize in fulfilling. These tips will work only if you identify and focus on those clients that are ideal for your services and not try to reach everyone.

The First Step: Define your brand.

You need to have a deep understanding of what your brand is about before you can effectively communicate it to others. Define it and be consistent.

Try answering these questions:

  • What is your brand message? How is it different from others in your niche?
  • What do you want to be known for in your industry?
  • Who are those ideal clients that you want to attract? What makes you uniquely suited to helping them?

Next: Create an experience for prospects that makes your brand feel personal. Like a friend they want to continue to build a relationship with.

You can start by:

Creating a Culture
The voice you use in your writing, the analogies you share, how you dress, the style of your videos or photos, all play a part in creating a culture around you brand. A culture is simply how your audience feels when they are interacting with your brand. Do they feel taken care of or do they feel motivated? Are they joining arms in a revolution or are they learning to walk more softly and listen to their inner voice? Creating a culture is all about walking your talk and unifying your audience through your personality and message.

When your business reflects your message and the values and ideals you stand for you create a completely unique experience that “your people” will keep returning to.

Developing Themes
Themes create an experience for participants making your offers memorable and unique. For example, over the years I’ve had programs like “The Brand Test Kitchen” where everyone gathered the ingredients to create their own brand recipe, I’ve also had programs like “Blog Marketology” where participants learned the science behind creating good content. Both of these themes came from subjects I am personally interested in (cooking and science). The Branding Game is themed around the idea of navigating the labyrinth of your brand to get to the very core. You don’t have to theme everything but where you do use them, play with themes that speak to your interests outside of business and you’ll have an easier time incorporating them into your offers and other aspects of your brand.

Expressing Your Personality In Other Ways
You can infuse different aspects of your personality into your brand. Your hobbies, past activities that are not necessarily related to your current business, and your other quirks can help attract people who resonate with you and your experiences. You can do this through stories that illustrate points that are relevant to your market, or even just sharing personal anecdotes in your newsletter. Each part of your personality you bring into your business creates a more intimate experience for your audience that helps them feel like they’re getting to know you and want to come back for more.

When you can harness the power of your personality and message – you will create a brand that is down-right addictive and attracts and keeps the attention of your ideal clients.

Not sure what your personality looks like in your brand, or if you have a clear message that really conveys your purpose?
Check out The Branding Game™ because these are the exact things we work on to create a memorable (and addictive) brand that glows with authenticity.


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