Holly Chantal

Category: Entrepreneurial Mindset

Has your business “peaked?”

What happens when you get to the top of a mountain? You climb back down. In hiking this is called “summiting” in gymnastics it’s called “peaking.” In competitive gymnastics girls begin training at a young age with the intention that they will “peak” near the Olympics at around age 16.

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The Energy You “Send” With Your Marketing

Everything you send out in your business has an energy behind it. Sometimes, someone with an expert eye can spot it in the words you’re using, and sometime the energy literally comes from how you “feel” when you push the send button. This energy behind your marketing is equally as

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Four Habits For Bringing New Ideas to The Finish Line

Trailblazers are inspired with many ideas, which is both a blessing and a curse. You’re always pushing the limits, paving new paths and obliterating all that’s ‘cookie-cutter’. The downside to this is that while you’re busy innovating, a lot of things can fall by the wayside. This can unfortunately create

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Who is responsible for your client’s results?

This question is a slippery one because depending on who you ask or what side of the equation you’re on, the answer can look a little different. Of course, the client will likely assume you are responsible. They’re hiring you to get them to a result that was promised.  However,

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