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The Energy You “Send” With Your Marketing

Everything you send out in your business has an energy behind it.

Sometimes, someone with an expert eye can spot it in the words you’re using, and sometime the energy literally comes from how you “feel” when you push the send button.

This energy behind your marketing is equally as important as what that marketing actually has to say and goes a long way to determining who you attract (or don’t attract.)

For example – let’s say this month you’ve set a goal to sign on a certain number of clients into your new group program.

This goal is purely based on numbers – specifically, what you’re envisioning is what you will be able to do when you have x number of dollars.

But what about everything else? What does your business and life really look like when you actually have all of those clients?

Even in a “leveraged” group, an influx of clients takes a lot of resources.

  • Time for sales calls and answering questions before participants join
  • Administration rigamarole and getting everyone set up
  • Answering questions and problem solving when there are technical issues
  • Preparing for each of the calls (creating content, reviewing questions/assignments etc.)
  • Taking care of post-call work like getting recordings posted (or sending to your team) etc.
  • Answering questions between calls either via email or in a Facebook Group (which you also need to keep engaged)
  • Writing your reminder emails, getting webinars set up, and all of the other “tech” that goes with a group program

And the list goes on of course, running a group is more leveraged than working one to one in many respects, but it does take work.

Now, with all of this going on…

  • Will you still have time to market yourself to keep your cashflow going while this group runs?
  • How will this group impact your time for your other clients?
  • Will you still have the flexibility and freedom that you enjoy?

These are just some questions to consider when you’re looking at your goals, and notice if you feel nervous or overwhelmed before you even have the clients. If you do, then there there may be a part of you that is actually afraid of you reaching this goal.

Seems silly right? But it’s true, and this underlying fear can sneak into your marketing and keep you from being successful.

So, what can you do?

One trick to use when you’re dealing with fears is to actually mentally go through your “worst case scenario” or in this case your “best case scenario.”

Go through your schedule and what it will look like, envision your day to day and see how you feel, consider what obstacles might come up and pre-plan how you can overcome them.

For example, if you know that when you’re really busy serving clients your content creation falls by the wayside, maybe pre-fill your content funnel before the group starts or cherry pick pieces that you could repurpose and reuse to take less time.

Ask yourself “What needs to happen, or what can I do to feel completely comfortable moving forward?” and see how you can work that into your plan.

By becoming aware of your fears up front and planning for them you can eliminate the energy that could be blocking your success.


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