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Holly Chantal, High Ticket Sales Expert

Want more qualified leads every single month?

It's Time to Say "Ta-ta" to Tirekickers 👋

I craft messaging, copy, and enrollment systems that will attract more clients who are ready (and happy to pay for) your work at it's highest level.

Give me 10 minutes and I'll show you exactly what to say to attract qualified buyers for your high-ticket services...

What if your under-performing marketing is really a launchpad in disguise?

(Hint: it is 🤫 )

If you’re like most service professionals, coaches, and consultants, most of your clients likely come from referrals or speaking (even if you have a website or are marketing online) which means…

You are darn good at what you do (otherwise people wouldn't be recommending you)...and when we capture that magic in your messaging, big opportunities will follow!

Not to mention, if you’ve gotten as far as you have WITHOUT the online marketing “easy button”, that means you’ve already done the hard part and a simpler path lays ahead.

And, guess what? It’s time to break out the cake (AND fork), because when we up-level your messaging, you CAN:

For 15+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of service providers, coaches, and consultants enjoy ALL this delicious success in its calorie-packed (aka profitable) glory...

…Let's Blaze a Trail to What's Next Together

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“I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without the messaging, sales page, offer language, program structure and all of the other things you’ve helped me with…”

I’ve been able to close five-figure contracts with universities, I’ve had over 100 people go through Sales School, my business model is now so streamlined I am working 10-20 hours a week!

— Liz Dederer


Message to Market Audit

Want someone to go through your marketing and tell you exactly why it’s not producing the number of clients you want?

I’ll analyze your entire marketing ecosystem, pinpoint weak areas, reveal messaging mismatches, and offer suggestions to optimize what you have in place.

The Trailblazers Collective

Looking to work with someone who will take the time to understand your business and find YOUR best path forward?

Trailblazers is a semi-private, done-with-you program designed to leverage your experience to multiply your revenue without burning yourself out!

Done for You Packages

If you’re ready for a strategic rebrand, know that you need stronger messaging, or want a high-ticket enrollment system you can rely on, AND you don’t want to do ANY of it yourself… 

Let’s talk! I offer custom done-for-you packages that can be tailored to your needs and goals.

“After just our second call I sold out my retreat – adding $25k of revenue that month with my new messaging. My new messaging is like the midas touch!”

— Patty Lennon


I’m a messaging and operations strategist who provides a blend of mentorship, consulting, and direct collaboration to help you integrate nuanced shifts in your messaging that make a huge difference in the clients you attract—and develop simple infrastructure in your business to support growth.

I’ve been around the block (a few times!), and I can provide MANY paths to get to your desired result, and choice is always at your fingertips.

Simply put, this means you have my “no-cookie-cutter” guarantee that I won’t try to fit you into a one-size-fits-all strategy or push for something that is out of alignment for you.

For the last 15+ years, I’ve been the behind-the-scenes tactician for hundreds of service providers, coaches, and consultants who (like you?) reached a turning point in their business. 

I offer my clients expert support to uncover unseen opportunities in their messaging, streamline their business operations, and integrate the mindset shifts necessary to make the leap into their next stage of growth.

Ready to see what this would look like for YOUR business?

Holly Chantal
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“Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks? I’ve been in business for 18 years. Within a few weeks of unveiling my new messaging and offer I sold my first high-ticket retainer package.”

Seriously, the back and forth with Holly, getting her input and reassurance during the final enrollment stages was key to making this leap – let alone how she’s helped me completely reposition my services!

— Lou

All my programs deliver:

CLARITY that brings your next level into sharp focus

If you feel like a dentist because every day is like pulling teeth. Or you can’t even picture what that next level would look like. Let’s back up and get crystal on exactly WHAT’S happening. WHY the old tricks or expert advice stopped working. And HOW to create a clear path to your next level of growth.

MESSAGING + SYSTEMS that create predictable lead flow

Get off the revenue rollercoaster and onto more stable ground. My frameworks are designed to create predictable cash flow with revenue booked months in advance. Together, we’ll implement systems that take very little effort to maintain, and messaging so laser focused it ONLY attracts ideal clients that you can’t wait to work with (and vice versa).

INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT that reduces the learning curve

At your level, low-touch groups or masterminds are going to be a waste of time. In my programs, you’ll experience what it’s like to have a true partner in your growth. Yes, you’ll have to do “the work”, AND you’ll get the individual attention you need to SKIP the guesswork and know for SURE you’re on the right track.

What’s Next For YOU?

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Ready to lean into what lights YOU up and craft a message that will propel you to your next stage of growth? Then you are just one call away.

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