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Every business owner wants more time, money, and fulfillment from their business

What most don’t realize is that, that last one is the most important

Many business owners work so hard to reach their goals, only to find that they are not happy with what they’ve built. Sometimes they were taken off course by well meaning mentors, or by building a business around the “low hanging fruit” they felt was easiest to sell when they started. Other times, business owners find that they themselves have evolved during their journey and what they want has evolved as well. In either case, when you have a successful business change can be scary because you don’t want to set yourself back after you’ve worked so hard to get to where you are.

I solve these problems by helping experienced business owners get clear on what they want now and then bring their Brand, Business Model, and Marketing Systems into alignment with their next evolution of their business.

Here is how you can get help right now:


Brand Momentum Masterclass

In this free masterclass; learn how to create a brand that sets you apart from your competition and only attract ideal clients. Plus, pinpoint what stage of brand you’re in, and where to focus to make your next quantum leap. Hint: You already have everything you need.

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The Branding Game

In this online program you will peel back the layers and get to the core of your brand. Finally, you will know exactly how everything you do fits together and have a tangible way to communicate the value of your services throughout your marketing.

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The Trailblazers Collaborative

A community of high achieving, visionary service professionals who are doing amazing work with their clients and building the infrastructure they need to feel in command of their business and it’s growth.


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Hi, I’m Holly Chantal and I’m a Business Integrator

For the last decade I’ve been helping visionary business owners get super clear on who they are, what they want, and streamline their path to success.

My clients call me an integrator because I help them take their vision or idea and reverse engineer how to bring it to life in a way that feels right for them.

If you’re looking for someone that can quickly grasp your vision and what you do in all of it’s complexity then help you decide the best path forward then you’re in the right place.

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My clients have been seen in:

After just our second call I sold out my retreat – adding $25k of revenue that month with my new messaging. My new brand is like the Midas Touch!

~ Patty Lennon
Intuitive Business Coach

I knew it would be really challenging to capture my unique personality in a brand, but Holly combines a very rare mix of branding-savvy and design. I’m beyond happy with everything we created together!

~ Lou Bortone
Video Marketing Coach

Holly’s process was simple, easy to utilize and totally fun. I got clear on my message, and then developed an entire web strategy that is taking my business and revenues to the next level.

~Jeannette Bessinger
Speaker, Author, & Wellness Coach

I knew I needed to take my brand to the next level – and wasn’t sure where to even start. Holly helped me not only create a unique brand that really expresses ME, but she walked me through setting up the back-end strategies to sell my programs in ways I hadn’t even thought of.

~ Lisa Marie Platske
Professional Speaker and founder of UPside Thinking

I already had a strong offline presence with a strong client base. However, I had no online presence which was limiting my growth. The way Holly was able to drill down to the essence of what I do, and bring it together into a clear online brand was truly magical.

~Sue Guiher
Professional speaker and creator
of the Core Essence System