Is the business you have the same as what you’ll want 5 years from now?

 Of course not, just as you are constantly evolving and growing, so should your business. The problem for many coaches and professional practitioners is that when they try to bring their business up to speed with their new vision, things don’t work out the way they hoped.

You might try to create high ticket offers, but attract people who either can’t afford your services or just aren’t the right fit. 

You try to move from a one to one model to more leveraged offerings, but when you do, it seems like you actually spend more time filling and delivering your programs while making less money in relation to your efforts.

When you have had a track record of success and have so much going for you, it can be seriously frustrating to feel like you’re stuck in place.

You may even feel like something is blocking you, something you can’t see but it has to be there because this just isn’t like you!

Don’t worry, you are still amazing at what you do. You are still meant to have all of the success you desire. There is no invisible force that is blocking you from what you want.

There is something out of alignment within yourself and the vision of what you want to create. It could be that you’ve outgrown pieces of your business but are afraid to let go, or your circumstances have changed and you’re doing your best to keep things going. Maybe there are things you want to do with your business but a part of you doesn’t believe they are possible. Perhaps you’re not even sure what your next level looks like.

Whatever the case, if you’re experiencing these things, you are experiencing a call from with yourself that it is time to upgrade.

It’s time to listen to the call and align your business with your next evolution

There are three steps to building the business that lights you up

1. Get clear on what you want

When you’ve been around the block and know as much as you do, deciding what you want is sometimes much easier said than done. This step can be as simple as exploring and eliminating your options until you land on what feels right and other times it involves deeper work and learning how to listen to what the voice inside is telling you to do (even though it may scares the crap out of you).

Whatever the path looks like for you, I can support you in uncovering what is next and get clear on what you want your business (and life) to look like.

2. Reverse engineer your vision

This step is very practical and includes (but isn’t limited to) mapping out your ideal business model, the message that connects your audience to your offers, and marketing methods that align with your communication style. From there we create a transition plan from “old business” to “dream business” in a way that doesn’t alienate your audience, or implode what is already working for you.

We always take into account the resources, skills and expertise you have as well as the constraints and obstacles that have kept you from making these changes up until now.

3. Bring everything into alignment

Upgrading your vision is one thing, in order to bring it to life you’ve got to put the pieces into place. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen all at once. I’ll guide you in choosing, planning, and managing your projects as you implement your new ideas into your business. (This is where my background as a branding expert and business integrator really come in handy.)

This is a crucial step because not only is it more likely that you’ll get the results you want when you have me at your side – but what you’ll really take away is a better understanding of yourself as a business owner, your capacity, your strengths, your opportunities for growth, and last but not least the ability to manage projects and integrating new ideas into your business.

Want my help to break through the upper limits in your business and reach your next level of growth? Book a consultation now and let’s put a package together that suits your specific needs and goals.