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How I Do VIP Days

I had a new client sign on recently that has a really incredible offer that is making a huge impact for people–but their sales have plateaued and it seemed like it was taking more and more effort just to maintain their numbers. Sound familiar? Upon looking at their website, it was

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The Difference Between Leverage and Scaling

It’s assumed that once you hit 6 figures that your next goal will be to multiply your revenue until you reach 7 figures. But, what if it’s not? What if you’re satisfied with the money you’re making and what you value MORE than money is to have more time back

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Who is responsible for your client’s results?

This question is a slippery one because depending on who you ask or what side of the equation you’re on, the answer can look a little different. Of course, the client will likely assume you are responsible. They’re hiring you to get them to a result that was promised.  However,

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What is a Business Integrator?

You may have heard of the term business integration before, or business integrator. But what do they actually mean? Well, if you are a visionary entrepreneur, then you know the struggle of having a big idea and trying to get it into the tangible world. A business integrator is someone

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Why Revenue Peaks and Valleys Are Good For Your Business

Most coaches and consultants have heard of the feast or famine cycle that come with having a coaching business. Most experts are teaching you that you need to eliminate those hills and valleys and create predictable, consistent income. And of course, I’m not going to argue with that. You do

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