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How I Do VIP Days

I had a new client sign on recently that has a really incredible offer that is making a huge impact for people–but their sales have plateaued and it seemed like it was taking more and more effort just to maintain their numbers.

Sound familiar?

Upon looking at their website, it was pretty obvious what the problem was.

Even though the design looks professional, they have beautifully done photos, a clean layout, and a well produced video–the content itself was too focused on what the product “was” and not who it was for, or what it would do for them.

In short, they lack a clear message and so their website was doing a terrible job of communicating the value of their work.

This means that all of the work they are doing to market themselves and get more clients is pretty much going to waste.

Where they WERE getting clients was from non-leveraged means like referrals and local networking, both strategies where you can have a real conversation with people and talk about their needs.

These are great strategies but after a while when you’re playing in a small pond… the leads tend to dry up.

So, how do we fix the problem?

  1. We get clear on the message and who it is for and make sure that’s clear in your marketing.
  2. We put together a marketing plan that gets that message in front of more of the right people.

I’d like to share with you what this process actually looked like incase you’re experiencing similar challenges.

We started with 2 mini VIP days which are 3 hour sessions about a week apart (I’ll explain why they were spaced out in a moment)

In the first session we worked on messaging, where we:

  • Clarified their target audience and found two really great niches that their offer is perfect for, and that compliment each other which makes marketing easy.
  • Got clear on what their offer really does plus how and why it works, then put that into simple to understand language (no small feat!)
  • Mapped out the steps clients take and made their process feel really tangible and could be used in marketing material.
  • Spent time envisioning the business model they wanted to create and planned the levels and price points that would be appropriate for their market.
  • Brainstormed topic ideas that share their message, speak to their ideal clients, and can be used to feed their marketing outlets.

Then we took a week off for them to integrate their decisions, start to feel into their new vision, and become aware of the fears and obstacles that come up so we could discuss them in our second meeting.

(This is super important because too often a plan sounds great in the moment… but after the dust settles you get worried about whether you’re making the right decisions.)

On my end, I compiled all of the pieces of their messaging into a reference document that can be used going forward as they implement their new message.

In the second session we got into planning mode and outlined what their next 6 months would look like as they shifted into clearer marketing.

We talked about:

  • A phased plan for integrating their new messaging, and shifting into their new business model and marketing.
  • How to adapt their current site to fit with the new vision (without redoing it)
  • What to do with their current clients and workshops already on the calendar so they could continue to move forward.
  • Made a concrete short-term (before website updated) and long-term (after website updated) marketing plan.
  • An easy way for them to repurpose work they were already doing and create recurring revenue without finding new clients.

After we got off the call I compiled my notes into a detailed project plan plus instructions (with screenshots and notations) for how to rework their website, incorporate their new messaging into their current marketing materials, and what to put into their opt in follow up sequence.

Now, they have everything they need to take their small niche offering into a global market. 

PLUS – Since they are also joining the Trailblazers Collaborative they will have ongoing support from me, along with the masterclass archive that walks them through most of the projects we outlined.

Based on the conservative goals we set, my estimate is that they will double their revenue by this time next year.

Would you like my help getting beyond your current plateau and bringing your business into it’s next evolution?

Click this link to book a time to talk and answer any questions you have so you can decide if this would be a good fit for you too.


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