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What is a Business Integrator?

You may have heard of the term business integration before, or business integrator. But what do they actually mean?

Well, if you are a visionary entrepreneur, then you know the struggle of having a big idea and trying to get it into the tangible world.

A business integrator is someone who can help you do that.

What I do with my clients is help them take that big picture vision and then break down the individual components–the tools, the collateral, and the steps that it takes to bring that idea from vision to actual implementation.

So if you think about it, an integrator kind of works like a prism.

A prism takes white light and splits it into the colors, a.k.a. your big vision and splitting it into the components, an integrator takes your vision in all of it’s glory and splits it into the steps that will create the whole.

Now, I take things a bit further than just breaking down “what” you need to do in order to complete your project, and also help you figure out “how” to apply the strategy you’re implementing to your unique business.

THIS is usually the biggest sticking point for business owners, a strategy might make sense when it’s big picture but knowing which topics to use and how to make it work with what they already have at their disposal is where things get fuzzy – so they backburner the project in favor of something less overwhelming.

As an example, you could come to me with a strategy that you want to implement like a five part sales funnel to launch your next new product and I can help you break down all of the necessary components with a plan for how infuse your brand into them so that the end result is something that’s very authentically you.

This might look like helping you decide exactly what lead magnet topic is going to attract the type of clients you want for this specific program, or laying out what pieces of your collateral and intellectual property belong in each of the follow-up emails, or may be outlining your webinar that’s going to sell the program–all with your voice, your vision, your style and your message at every single touchpoint.

So if you want help bringing your big picture ideas into the real world, and you want someone that can understand everything you do in all of its complexity, very quickly, then we should talk.

You can schedule a compatibility call to see if I would be a good fit for you and your team, and we will take things from there.


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