The Branding Game is for coaches and service professionals who want to feel confident in their marketing because they have ideal clients reaching out to them on a regular basis

There are few things more disheartening than being an expert in your field and still feeling unable to answer the question “what do you do?” in a way that feels satisfying. It’s like no matter what you say it either doesn’t fully capture the full power of your work, or turns into totally confusing babble.

Until you feel confident in your message, it’s difficult to really get your business out there.

Before you can design your website, create your Facebook Group, know what your lead magnet should be, or the myriad other things on your agenda – you need to have a few foundational pieces in place like who you’re working with, what you’re selling, and how you explain what makes you the best person to work with.

It’s these foundational pieces that drive all of the decisions you need to make when you’re implementing strategies that will grow your business. This is the real reason you’re getting stuck when you go to take action.

Introducing The Branding Game where you will get your ducks in a row with a message and brand that feels natural and resonates with your perfect-match clients!

Hey there, I’m Holly Chantal

Over the last decade I’ve had a hand in branding a few hundred coaches from start-ups to 7 figure industry-leaders.

I got my start designing websites and quickly found that even my most successful clients didn’t really know what to ask for in their design, how to talk about what they do in their website copy, what lead magnet topic would attract the types of clients they want, and the list went on and on.

And our website projects weren’t the only place this lack of clarity was showing up in their business.

After working with hundreds of clients, I developed a system that helped coaches and service professionals make these key decisions BEFORE they embarked on big expensive projects.

Not only did my program shorten their project timelines, and give them total confidence in their path forward, but it was FUN. I’ve now been running this program for almost 10 years, and it’s only gotten better!

Allow me to introduce you to The Branding Game where you will get crystal clear on the message that lies at the heart of your work, and build a brand that naturally attracts your ideal clients

The Branding Game is a 3-month group coaching program where you will work through the material at your own pace and get the feedback you need as you go so you can feel confident in your decisions.
Here is what your journey will look like:

Phase 1: Lay The Foundation

The first four modules are focused on making those foundational decisions that everything in your marketing revolves around. We will spiral deep into who is the best fit for your work and what topics to focus on in your marketing so that they see themselves as your ideal client. From there we will explore and put words to the magic that makes you the best choice for your dream clients. You’ll finish your foundation by learning an easy three-part framework that you can use across all of your marketing to deliver your message consistently, without saying the same thing every time (which would be boring for both you and your audience, amiright?)

Phase 2: Build the Brand

Now that we have your message down, the next few modules you’ll encounter will help you build a brand around it. You’ll explore your Brand Archetype and build a persona that gives your brand it’s voice and how your clients experience your work. You’ll learn how to package your method into a signature system that is yours alone and can be delivered as a suite of offerings, or a start to finish, high ticket offer. And last but not least, you’ll learn the art of naming so you can create brand-worthy names for your offers, your business, and even your own brand-specific terminology.

Phase 3: Bring It All Together

Your brand is only as good as your ability to implement it. As we wrap up our work you will bring everything together into a reference document we call “The Brand Field Guide” which will act as your roadmap to implementing your brand throughout your website and marketing. This working-document acts as your messaging foundation and can be refined and updated as your business evolves over time. It’s a tool that will be useful for you as you market your new brand, and can be handed off to contractors or team members that are doing the implementation for you.

Eliza Parker
Baby Sleep Expert

I feel like the Branding Game is crazy-organizing everything I have in a way that each piece builds on the former and feels really solid

“A lot of people talk about branding or planning how you’ll market yourself, but I’ve never experienced these topics in this cohesive way.

The string of thinking from one piece to the next I find very clever, yet so natural at the same time. I feel like the Branding Game is crazy-organizing everything I have in a way that each piece builds on the former and feels really solid. I’ve worked on these topics before, and while the pieces were there all along, I couldn’t grasp it all like I can now.

Since the whole thing started with my personality, my entire business—my brand and even marketing tasks—truly feel like they fit. My business vision now feels doable, whereas before it felt like something other people could do but not something I could have.

I’m trusting that all this groundwork will springboard me for a good while. I’ve also come up with a bazillion more blog ideas since I’ve restructured my business.”

Update: Within months of completing the Branding Game™ Eliza has established herself as an expert in the “baby sleep” space and enjoys the ease of clients reaching out to her already ready to sign up for her private coaching. She also has a thriving Facebook Group and ongoing membership that brings in recurring revenue with very little effort.

How The Branding Game Works

The modules are released all at once so you can work at your own pace, and you’ll have access to live coaching calls
to support you as you create and implement your brand.

Short Videos

Training videos are between
3 and 30 minutes each so they fit into any schedule.

Thoughtful Exercises

Go beyond the “surface level” answers and spiral deep into the core of your work.

3 Months of Support

Attend bi-weekly live coaching calls and ask questions in the Facebook Group to get feedback as you go.

Finish with a tangible brand foundation

There are many great programs out there for creating your brand, where they fall short is giving you tangible tools to use when you’re finished. In many cases you’re left feeling like you did a lot of exploration but still aren’t actually sure what your brand “is” or how you would go about expressing it in your marketing.

At the end of The Branding Game you will have a 20+ page Brand Field Guide which organizes all of the layers of your brand and messaging into a document you can reference when building your website, writing sales pages, and even creating your marketing content.

Jeannette Bessinger
Speaker, Author, and Wellness Coach

I scored big with my first round of this program, so 8 years later I returned to Holly and this work.

“The Branding Game is a brilliant, comprehensive tool to help you drill down to the very heart of the business you most want to create.

Not only does it give you amazing clarity and focus for your business foundation, but it becomes your go-to marketing tool for every stage of growth.

I scored big with my first round of this program, so 8 years later I returned to Holly and this work to help me with my re-brand. It just keeps getting better!”

Update: Within weeks of completing the Branding Game™ to shift her established business into a new niche, Jeannette was able to launch and sell her brand-new program to 30 lucky participants, build her audience through podcasts, and has set up a leveraged business model for herself.

Receive These Sweet Bonuses When You Sign Up Today

Closed Facebook group

Have questions between calls? Unable to attend the live coaching calls? You’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you can post questions at any time and receive feedback so you can keep moving forward.

Website Masterclasses

Once your brand is finished, the next step is to implement it across your website and marketing. In the bonus library you’ll find classes to help you design your website, create a mood-board to give your designer, write your copy, and map out the marketing topics that will speak to your audience.

Map out your first sales funnel

Now that you have your signature system it’s time to map out how you encourage new visitors to your website to purchase your first offer. In this module we’ll talk about the two types of sales funnels and you’ll map out your opt in offer and indoctrination email sequence for new email subscribers.

Have more questions?

Here are the answers to the questions I get asked the most, if you have others please
feel free to email [email protected]

Who is the Branding Game designed for?
The Branding Game is ideal for service professionals who don’t fit the “stereotypes” of their industry. Their work goes much deeper than others offering the similar services which can make their work a bit difficult to describe.

These are the kinds of problems that I eat for breakfast and over the last 10 years and over 200 branding projects I have mapped out this beautifully simple process for getting to the heart of your message and packaging it in a way that you can use it across all of your marketing.

How do the exercises work?

In each module you’ll find one or two short videos (between 3 and 30 minutes each) and thoughtful questions that lead you through each piece of your brand and help you go beyond the obvious answers into the true depth of your work. Everything is done in the online learning environment, and your answers can be printed for reference off-line.

How many people are in the Branding Game?

The Branding Game has open enrollment so the number of people participating at any one time varies. That said, this is not a program with hundreds of participants where you will easily get lost in the crowd. 

What kind of time commitment should I expect?

Creating a truly unique, rock-solid brand is by far the most important thing you can do for your business. Some of the things we’ll be working on you may have been trying to nail for months (if not years) which translates to a whole lotta wasted time and effort.

Because there is so much ground to cover – and some big decisions you’ll be making – you can expect to spend about 1-2 hours a week on assignments, plus the bi-weekly live coaching calls (currently every other Wednesday at 2pm Eastern, but are subject to change in the future). 

This might sound like a lot, and you definitely don’t want to take the time commitment lightly – but getting to that next level of your business is going to take some serious work.

If you’re tired of the stop-start cycle, not getting traction, and feeling like you just keep struggling with describing what you do (instead of actually focusing on getting clients) then this is exactly what you need.

When are the live group coaching calls?

The group coaching calls are currently every other Wednesday a month at 2pm Eastern.

Participants will receive an email the week before to submit their questions and wins ahead of time. You’re welcome to come and learn from other people’s questions if you don’t have any of your own.

How do the live coaching calls work?

Twice a month you’ll receive an email to register for the next live coaching call. The calls are typically scheduled for Wednesdays at 2pm Eastern but can vary slightly throughout the year.

These group coaching calls also go well beyond the content of the course, you can ask questions and get feedback as you begin to implement your brand, we can talk about pricing your programs, how to deliver your message in sales emails, what to do if no one is responding – the list goes on and on.

On the call I’ll work with as many participants as I can during our time and any follow up questions can be answered in the Facebook Group. 

What if I can't make it to the live coaching calls?

If you can’t make it to the live coaching calls you can register and listen to the recordings because chances are that others will have similar questions. 

You can also ask questions or request feedback on the Facebook Group.

How much support will I get?

If you’ve taken online courses in the past you probably know that it can be hit or miss on whether the mentor is actually “there for you” or if you’re left doing the work on your own.

You’ll be happy to know that I don’t expect you to figure everything out on your own, in this course you have my full support for 3 months, giving you plenty of time to uncover and refine your message.

You can get my support in two ways, either on the bi-weekly live coaching calls or any time in the Facebook group.

How do I know if I'm ready for a brand?

There is a common misconception that you need to have your “ducks in a row” before you can do this kind of branding work. With my approach we ARE getting your ducks in a row, if you already had everything figured out, you wouldn’t need this program.

This program is designed to meet you at your level in addition to the core assignments that are for everyone, there are multiple “optional” exercises and lessons that lend extra support in areas you may have struggled before.

An example of this is in the target audience module – there is the core exercise that assumes you know your target audience and teases out the information we need for your messaging to land with the right people, and there are additional optional exercises available for those that are still choosing between audiences, or haven’t worked with enough clients yet to be able to answer the questions in the core exercise.

That all said, if you’re not yet sure what your business is or aren’t prepared to make decisions and move forward with them then you may not be ready yet.

I've taken courses before with nothing to show for it, how is this one different?

I’ve been a strong believer that branding is one of those things that is nearly impossible to do yourself, and for the longest time I ONLY offered this process to private clients or at the most – a small intimate group.

I’ve taken hundreds of business owners through this exact process. In doing so I’ve been able to work out the kinks and put the exercises together in a way that helps you go much deeper than any other program you’ve probably experienced and truly find your own right answers.

Yet still, I was skeptical. Can you really figure out your brand on your own when you’re so close to it?

So I gave the Branding Game™ to my Trailblazers Collective mastermind participants (the ones that hadn’t already worked with me one on one) and asked them to go through it and see what they ended up with – with zero help from me.

The result? They each came out of the course 90% on the money with their brand and the outstanding questions were easily solved in our Facebook Group (plus I have made updates to the exercises to improve the pieces they found difficult on their own).

So the answer is Yes, you can do this work yourself when you’re led in the right way.

Plus, I’m not even expecting you to do the program on your own. You will have access to bi-weekly live coaching calls and a private Facebook Group where you will have plenty of opportunities to get feedback directly from me so you can feel confident you’re on the right track every step of the way.


What are you waiting for? Get started today!

If you feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back because you feel unclear about who you want to work with, and how to talk about what you offer OR you are marketing yourself and not getting the results you expect–then this is the missing piece you need.

Getting crystal clear on who you serve, what makes your offering the best choice, and how to deliver your message in a way that has ideal clients reaching out to YOU will make everything you’re currently doing in your business a thousand times
more effective.

Now is your time.

Here’s What You Get:

8 Core Branding Game Modules containing short and to-the-point training videos and unusual exercises that will help uncover the message at the heart of your work, and the tools to build your brand around it. Check
3 Months of Group Support in Our Bi-weekly live coaching calls that extend well beyond the program itself, allowing you plenty of time to get questions answered and receive feedback as you complete the modules and implement your new message. Check
A 20+ page Brand Field Guide where you will bring all of the elements of your brand messaging into one place and will act as a reference while you implement. Check
Your Brand Compass to help you stay on-brand and avoid making mistakes that will pull you off course in your business growth. Check

Plus These Super Sweet Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Private Facebook group where you can collaborate with other participants and get timely support between live coaching calls. Check
Bonus #2: Tangible instructions to implement your brand across your marketing. You’ll have access to bonus modules that will help you create a Mood Board that captures the style and personality, choose a layout for your home page, write your copy, choose your marketing topics – and more. Check
Bonus #3: Map out your first sales funnel. In this bonus module you will choose your opt in offer and map out the first sales funnel that will go on the home page of your website to help convert visitors into paying clients. Check

$3000 or 4x$750

You’re protected by the Ice Cream Guarantee! If you’re not happy with the content or the support you’re receiving within the first 14 days, I’ll happily refund your money plus $7 to buy yourself an ice cream as thanks for giving this a try.