The single biggest challenge coaches and service professionals face when building momentum is feeling confident in the decisions they are making.

A calendar booked with ideal clients, reaching out to you exactly when and how you want them to, doesn’t just happen. And this is why you’re investing time and money learning all of the strategies to attract those clients, but…

Before you can design your website, write your email campaigns and social media posts, know what your lead magnet should be, or the myriad other things on your agenda – you need to have a few foundational pieces in place like who you’re working with and what to say to get their attention, exactly what you’re selling and how to communicate the value, and you need to know what sets you apart from everyone else that is offering similar services.

If you aren’t completely confident that you’re moving in the right direction then taking action (let alone consistent action) on any of these strategies is an uphill battle. Any little thing, like someone telling you your audience isn’t “narrow enough”, nay-saying your offering, questioning your price, or simply not getting an immediate response to your marketing can knock you off your game.

On the other hand when things “click” and you feel confident in your next steps, you’re off like an arrow.

The problem for most coaches and service providers is that they try to make these decisions in a linear, and often arbitrary way.

Their decisions are based on what others say they should be doing or what they perceive as the “easiest way”, and not because they feel truly aligned with their direction.

✔️ Target audience? Check… well sort of. Even though you don’t *really* feel connected to the audience you’ve chosen, other people have said it’s specific enough, and it’s where you have the most experience, so you’ll go with it (for now).

✔️ Services? Check… for the most part. You can solve a lot of different problems, so you plan to customize your work based on what your client needs (which actually makes your services harder to sell by the way).

✔️ “What you do” statement? Not quite, because there really isn’t a succinct way to explain your work and the amazing things you do for your clients… until someone has experienced it for themselves.

✔️ Packages? Check. You already know that selling bundles is better than one-off sessions, so you’ll let your clients choose if they want to work with you for 3 or 6 months, whatever they can afford to get started.

✔️ Pricing? Check, for now. You know your services are probably worth more, so once you prove to yourself you can get clients at the “easy” price, then you’ll feel confident enough to charge what you really believe your offer is worth.

Is this all sounding a little too familiar?

That’s because all of these conclusions are very normal, and natural (they just don’t work very well).

But that doesn’t mean you can’t skip to the head of the line and speed up the process so you can get traction more quickly.

The key is to first embrace the belief that there are no wrong audiences or offerings, and if your message is clear enough and makes sense you can do work that you’re really passionate about (and get paid very well for it).

Once you’re willing to embrace that belief, then your next step is to do the deeper work to get clarity around the nuances of how to reach the people or companies who most value your services, the mechanism you will use to help your clients get results, and how you will communicate your message clearly and consistently throughout your marketing.

This is where I can help you the most.

Knowing your ideal brand empowers you to:

  • Easily explain what you do in any setting, from writing your bio, going live, or speaking at a networking event
  • Package up your process without pigeonholing yourself or sacrificing your intuitive creativity and in-the-moment brilliance (that I KNOW you can bring!)
  • Invoke unshakable certainty in your client’s minds, so they know you are the one they want to work with
  • Solve your ideal client’s ACTUAL problems and position yourself as a MUST HAVE (vs. a maybe I’ll try that later… )
  • Leave shiny object syndrome for the crows, and develop decision-making strategies that keep you on-brand and on target.
  • Get your ideas out of your head and onto the page in the exact language your customer would use to describe their situation.

And most importantly…

  • Get to the core of what makes you UNIQUE so you can build a signature brand that sets you apart!

Sound like what you might need?

Then get ready to play…

The Branding Game™  

The Branding Game™ is packed with 10 curious modules, accompanying videos, and worksheets designed to get you out of your habitual answers and quickly into the genius of what you do!

Join the Branding Game for a one-time payment of $1,500
– or –
3 Monthly Payments of $500

This is a self-guided course, but it’s faaar from “one size fits all.”

You’ll walk away with a clear direction (even for those in-the-moment entrepreneurs) and a proven path designed to grow with you.

That means making more money by offering the services you love to clients who are grateful for your work.

The Branding Game™ asks questions designed to help you think about what you do… in a different light.

Now, this is what I’m the best at…

Helping you move light-years beyond the generic elevator pitch (bor-ing) to unlock the core of who you are, what you do, and who you serve– because that’s where your magic is!

(Aaanndd, this foundational work unlocks everything you’ve learned in all of those other courses because your message makes them 10x more potent!)

In The Branding Game™, you will…

  • Secure a rock-solid brand foundation
  • Unlock the core of your uniqueness and how to capitalize on it
  • Structure your offers to stand out as the obvious solution
  • Speak about what you do effortlessly, with a conversational flow that gives potential clients complete confidence in your abilities
  • Streamline your processes without losing intuitive, in-the-moment flow
  • Make skillful on-brand decisions without overthinking it
  • Get your brand out of your head and into a format you can actually use

And then you’ll wrap it all up in a 20+ page Brand Field Guide that organizes all of your branding and messaging into one easy-to-refer-to, grow-with-you document.

Use your Brand Field Guide to create websites, sales pages, and content, or share it with your designers to get the most out of your collaboration!

Eliza Parker
Baby Sleep Expert

I feel like the Branding Game is crazy-organizing everything I have in a way that each piece builds on the former and feels really solid

“A lot of people talk about branding or planning how you’ll market yourself, but I’ve never experienced these topics in this cohesive way.

The string of thinking from one piece to the next I find very clever, yet so natural at the same time. I feel like the Branding Game is crazy-organizing everything I have in a way that each piece builds on the former and feels really solid. I’ve worked on these topics before, and while the pieces were there all along, I couldn’t grasp it all like I can now.

Since the whole thing started with my personality, my entire business—my brand and even marketing tasks—truly feel like they fit. My business vision now feels doable, whereas before it felt like something other people could do but not something I could have.

I’m trusting that all this groundwork will springboard me for a good while. I’ve also come up with a bazillion more blog ideas since I’ve restructured my business.”

Update: Within months of completing the Branding Game™ Eliza has established herself as an expert in the “baby sleep” space and enjoys the ease of clients reaching out to her already ready to sign up for her private coaching. She also has a thriving Facebook Group and ongoing membership that brings in recurring revenue with very little effort.

Hey there, I’m Holly Chantal

I’ve worked behind the scenes for over a decade, creating messaging and branding to help my clients successfully launch, 3X their conversion rates, and create 5 figure paydays.

… And I noticed many of my clients had something in common– staying surface-level when describing their target audience, their offers, and what they wanted to be recognized for.

As a copywriter and web designer, I got to see first-hand how this delayed their projects and their financial gains for months or longer. Many NEVER reached their desired level of financial success because their message failed to connect to the clients they wanted to reach.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands…

I created The Branding Game to help coaches and service professionals dial in their business details, BEFORE they embarked on big expensive projects or wasted valuable time with marketing that was destined to fail.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Education and am trained to help you see your brand in a new light. I incorporate psychology, human behavior, and multiple learning pathways into each aspect of The Branding Game to yield the deepest and most insightful clarity into what you do and what your brand is.

I’ve taken hundreds of coaches and service professionals like you through this process with great success.

(Like, $25k+ paydays and $50k+ launches, great!)

And I can’t wait to see the heights you’ll reach through this foundational work!

But don’t just take my word for it…

Jeannette Bessinger
Speaker, Author, and Wellness Coach

I scored big with my first round of this program, so 8 years later I returned to Holly and this work.

“The Branding Game is a brilliant, comprehensive tool to help you drill down to the very heart of the business you most want to create.

Not only does it give you amazing clarity and focus for your business foundation, but it becomes your go-to marketing tool for every stage of growth.

I scored big with my first round of this program, so 8 years later I returned to Holly and this work to help me with my re-brand. It just keeps getting better!”

Update: Within weeks of completing the Branding Game™ to shift her established business into a new niche, Jeannette was able to launch and sell her brand-new program to 30 lucky participants, build her audience through podcasts, and has set up a leveraged business model for herself.

I will show you how it all fits together seamlessly so that you actually enjoy the process of building your brand foundation!

Here’s what you get inside of The Branding Game:

  • 10 Course Modules packed with content to get you thinking differently about your brand
  • Insightful videos that help you go deep and get the most out of the modules
  • Exercises to get your brilliance out of your head and onto paper where you can put them to use

Sign up today and take advantage of these incredible BONUSES:

BONUS #1: Website Masterclass Bundle

This is THE resource to take you to the next level. Once you have a solid brand, it’s time to utilize it across your marketing.

You will find classes for designing your website, creating a mood-board, writing your copy, and making a marketing map to navigate content creation with ease.

BONUS #2 – Map Your Sales Funnel Masterclass Bundle

From idea to offer, the Map Your Sales Funnel Series walks you through designing your customer journey.

Choose between the two types of sales funnels, create your opt-in offer, and write an enticing email sequence that has your ideal customer reaching out to choose you!

BONUS #3 – Content Marketing Masterclass Bundle

Ready to share your brand with the world? This set of classes will teach you how to express your new brand through the content you post on social media, your website copy, and the topics you share in your newsletter.

I will even show you how to create editorial calendars that pre-sell your offers!

Join the Branding Game for a one-time payment of $1,500
– or –
3 Monthly Payments of $500

How The Branding Game Works

The modules are released all at once so you can work at your own pace. As you work through the sequence of modules you will gain more clarity on topics you’ve already visited and continually add layers to your message and brand.

Short Videos

Each video is approximately 3-30 minutes of targeted information so you can maximize your time.

Thoughtful Exercises

Get beyond “surface level” answers and spiral deep into the core of your work.

Aligned Decisions

Each module builds on the last to create a cohesive, stable foundation that feels like you at every level.

Finish with a tangible brand foundation

There are many great programs out there for creating your brand, where they fall short is giving you tangible tools to use when you’re finished. In many cases you’re left feeling like you did a lot of exploration but still aren’t actually sure what your brand “is” or how you would go about expressing it in your marketing.

At the end of The Branding Game you will have a 20+ page Brand Field Guide which organizes all of the layers of your brand and messaging into a document you can reference when building your website, writing sales pages, and even creating your marketing content.

Take a peek inside the Branding Game:

Modules 1 & 2: The Practice Field

In Modules 1+2, we are not going to work on your business. Whaaat?

Instead, we work on removing the pressure of making high-stakes decisions in a zero-risk way so you have the proof that you can do this!

After you’ve completed module two, bringing together your message will seem like a walk in the park.

Module 3: Clarify Your Target Audience

Do you know your target audience? Let’s take a deeper look…

Imagine speaking to your audience in such detail that they hear THEMSELVES talking when they read what’s on your page! This is how to call them out and get their attention right away.

Module 4: Find Your Position

This is how you get the competitive edge over the competition and stand out in the crowd.

Whether your potential client is shopping around, has already tried the competition, or is planning on DIYing it — you will be able to communicate WHY you’re the no-brainer solution. (Without putting anyone else down in the process!)

Module 5: Your Uniqueness

There is a reason why your clients will get results working with you when everything else they have tried has failed. In Module 5, we will unlock the reason why that is.

Your uniqueness is the cornerstone of your brand. When you discover what it is (it’s rarely what you expect), you become even more effective at what you do.

Module 6: The Trailblazing Trifecta

This three-sentence framework will help you communicate any idea to your audience in a way that makes it immediately relevant and compelling.

You can use this framework to explain what you do in any communication or marketing materials you put out into the world.

Module 7: Your Brand Persona

It literally pays to be intentional about your marketing. In this module, you will hone in on your brand’s personality using the 12 Jungian Archetypes.

Choose which archetype (or combination) fits your brand identity best and instantly boost your audience’s experience!

Module 8: Your Signature System

If you are reinventing the wheel for every client, you’re making things unnecessarily hard on yourself!

Outlining your proprietary processes will automatically make your offers more tangible and an easier and more valuable sell… and I promise that it will be flexible and open-ended enough that you will want to stick with it!

Module 9: Creating Brandable Names

Naming can be one of the most frustrating parts of marketing, mainly because it always seems that all the good ones are taken.

I’ll show you how to develop unique names and even coin the phrases for your ideas and offerings.

Module 10: Your Brand Field Guide

Watch in amazement as every aspect of your brand comes together in a single, cohesive document that you can efficiently utilize. 

You will finish with a “working document” that you can hand off to your design team, copywriters, or even use yourself to build the business you envision!

Ready to build a rock-solid brand?

The Branding Game is a steal at only $1,500!

Not everyone has to understand what you do, but the right people have to recognize themselves in what you say.

Pay attention because this is going to be revolutionary…

So many coaches, service providers, and course creators lose their minds trying to capture everything they do in a single sentence that someone in line at the grocery store will understand.

This leads to using catch-all phrasing, clever terms, and generic messaging that doesn’t resonate with the people you really want to work with.

The reality is–the work you do is complex. Not everyone is going to understand your work, and they don’t need to understand (because they aren’t the ones that are going to hire you).

Every day, there are thousands of potential customers looking for a solution to the problem you solve…

…And with the right message, they will immediately recognize that you are who they’ve been waiting for.

You’ve never done a course like this before.

Sure, there are a TON of programs out there to help you create your brand. But you won’t see anything that gets you to think as deeply and differently about your value– and give you tangible tools to support your brand long after you’re finished.

If you’ve already done some brand exploration, and you’re left scratching your head, you know exactly what I mean…

This program could be your answer if…


You are independent and when you have direction you’re off like an arrow.


You are committed to growing your business, this isn’t just a hobby for you, you’re here to both make an impact and an income.


You recognize yourself in the content on this page and you see the value in exploring the foundational pieces of your brand even if some of this seems like familiar territory. 

This program is NOT for you if…


You aren’t sure what your business is, and/or you aren’t prepared to move forward and grow.


You are unable to accommodate the commitments that come with expanding your business. Your new marketing will begin to bring clients straight to you– so make sure you have the space to grow!


You’re not ready to dig deep and do the work it takes to build a strong foundation, or you’re still not sure why you need to…

You don’t need your ducks in a row
to get your ducks in a row…

You don’t have to WAIT to get all the things in order because this course is designed to do that with you, with plenty of fail-safes in place to ensure you’re maximizing the time and effort you put in.

…but your ducks really do need rows.

You’ve likely been at this for a little while now, so you know there are things that just aren’t working… and that’s disheartening.

But you’re ready for this!

The Branding Game is the way to make every piece of information that reaches your ideal customer that much more effective. And it helps you navigate, simplify, and maximize every step of every process in your business.

It’s time to step up, stand out, and showcase your amazingness

Get Instant Access to The Branding Game for a one-time payment of $1,500!

(Or choose the payment plan at checkout!)


You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers… and if you don’t see the information you need below, reach out to me at  [email protected] and ask away!

Who is the Branding Game™ for?

The Branding Game is ideal for coaches and service professionals who don’t fit the ‘norm.’ Their work goes much deeper than others offering the similar services which can make their work a bit difficult to describe.

These are the kinds of problems that I eat for breakfast and over the last 10 years and over 200 branding projects I have mapped out this beautifully simple process for getting to the heart of your message and packaging it in a way that you can use it across all of your marketing.

What’s the time commitment?
I know you’re busy, and I respect your commitments… To get the most out of the program, I recommend that you set aside 2 hours per week (minimum) to go through each of the exercises inside The Branding Game™. You have a minimum of 2 years from purchase to complete the course.

There may be some modules that you want to spend more time on and others that you move through quickly, and that’s okay!

But beware of the Pinterest module in the bonuses. It can be a dangerous rabbit hole… Set a timer, and when the timer is up-stop scrolling. I promise you won’t get anywhere more awesome than you did in the first 10-20 minutes (and your brand board will STILL be amazing!)

What kind of time commitment should I expect?

Creating a truly unique, rock-solid brand is by far the most important thing you can do for your business. Some of the things we’ll be working on you may have been trying to nail for months (if not years) which translates to a whole lotta wasted time and effort.

Because there is so much ground to cover – and some big decisions you’ll be making – you can expect to spend at least 2 hours on each assignment. 

This might sound like a lot, and you definitely don’t want to take the time commitment lightly – but getting to that next level of your business is going to take some serious work.

If you’re tired of the stop-start cycle, not getting traction, and feeling like you just keep struggling with describing what you do (instead of actually focusing on getting clients) then this is exactly what you need.

But I want you to guide me… Will I be as effective doing this on my own?

If you’re not at a place where you can afford to work with me 1-on-1, it is so important to jump on this course right now.

Doing nothing will always lead to the same result (nothing), and I want more for you than that.

Everything inside of The Branding Game™ is designed to work with the way you think and learn as if I were right there with you, so you will see huge growth and measurable results in your business.

I’ve incorporated all of the back-door questions and alternate routes to get around obstacles that I use when working 1-on-1 with folks like you so you can get the most out of this course.

And if you still want to work with me 1-on-1 after completing The Branding Game™, you are welcome to do so.

How do the exercises work?
Each module comes with one or more short videos and thought-provoking exercises that get your mind working in new ways so you can see your brand in a fresh, new light.

The modules are designed to build onto each other – but don’t require perfection for you to move forward (so no getting “stuck” here!) in fact, as you move through the different aspects of your brand, answers from the previous modules become even clearer!

Get ready to create some big aha moments and get to the true depth of your work!

What if I don’t have what it takes?
Recognize that is just one thought in an ocean of a million possibilities, and do it anyway. The Branding Game™ quickly gets you to see your unique value as you discover what sets you apart from the crowd.

You will never again look at your work in the same way. You’re on your way to feeling solid about your skillset and potential!

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

If you feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back because you feel unclear about who you want to work with, and how to talk about what you offer OR you are marketing yourself and not getting the results you expect–then this is the missing piece you need.

Getting crystal clear on who you serve, what makes your offering the best choice, and how to deliver your message in a way that has ideal clients reaching out to YOU will make everything you’re currently doing in your business a thousand times
more effective.

Now is your time.

Here’s What You Get:

10 Branding Game Modules containing short and to-the-point training videos and unusual exercises that will help uncover the message at the heart of your work, and the tools to build a brand around your message. Check
A 20+ page Brand Field Guide where you will bring all of the elements of your brand messaging into one place and will act as a reference while you implement. Check
Your Brand Compass to help you stay on-brand and avoid making mistakes that will pull you off course in your business growth. Check

Plus These Super Sweet Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Website Masterclass Bundle You’ll have access to bonus trainings that will help you implement your brand, including how to create a Mood Board that captures the style and personality, choose a layout for your home page, write your copy, choose your marketing topics – and more. Check
Bonus #2: Sales Funnel Bundle In this bonus module you will choose your opt in offer and map out the first sales funnel that will go on the home page of your website to help convert visitors into paying clients. Check
Bonus #3: Content Marketing Bundle Infuse your message throughout your marketing with trainings on how to develop your editorial calendar to pre-sell your offers, map out the content topics that position you as an expert (and that your ideal clients will gravitate to), and even how to use the Trailblazing Trifecta (which you’ll learn in the Branding Game) to write intriguing content. Check

$1500 or 3x$500

Join the Branding Game for a one-time payment of $1,500
– or –
3 Monthly Payments of $500