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The Magical Story Behind My Logo

My journey creating my logo was a bit non-traditional and eerily cool.

From experience I can tell you that creating logos is hard, there is so much meaning to cram into one “symbol” and most of the time whatever ideas you have have been done already.

I knew from the get-go that sacred geometry was going to be play an important role in my new visual identity. For a few years now I’ve been experimenting with metaphysical tools after experiencing what I realize now was my own spiritual awakening.

Answering the call to step into something bigger with my brand is a huge piece of this and I’ve been carefully listening to my soul as I navigate that path.

While I’m known for teaching very practical strategies for getting clear on your brand and building the infrastructure of your business–there are often also metaphysical tools at play that I only share with my clients that are open to those things.

While these tools will most likely never be at the forefront of my work, those “in the know” will recognize sacred geometry, crystals, and symbolism that is used in my marketing and know that I offer more than just practical consulting.

So, back to the story of my logo.

While I knew I wanted to have sacred geometry incorporated into the logo, I didn’t know what that would look like and/or what symbols I wanted to use.

A colleague happened to have an actual “sacred geometry” deck and pulled a card for me one day, and we had a little laugh about the card that was pulled because the meaning was very close to the essence of what I wanted to create, but it wasn’t quite there.

While we were chatting I decided to also pull a card from my Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Collette Baron Reid (one of my favorite oracle decks), hoping that it might clarify what I should be looking for. The card I pulled was “Never Ending Story” and in the moment the card meant nothing to me but keep this in mind for later because it becomes important.

Not feeling any closer to what I wanted my logo to look like, and with a designer that was probably getting a little frustrated because I was shooting down all of his ideas, I decided to purchase my own Sacred Geometry deck (by Janosh) just to have a look through the symbols and see if any of them stood out.

Two cards immediately caught my attention, and I sent pictures of them to two of my best friends. I gave my friends no explanations or context, I just sent the pictures one at a time and asked them to tell me what immediately came to mind or what they felt when they looked at the images.

The card on the left is “Freedom” and the card on the right is “Passion.”

Both of them came back with similar answers on each picture and their answers were in alignment with what they were “supposed to” experience which told me I was on the right track.

I decided to go with the “freedom” image because the experience it created for my friends was much more in alignment with my message “build the business that lights you up.”

The images on the front of the cards is only one representation of the symbol, the accompanying materials also show a breakdown of the energetic circuitry and a simplified version of the symbol. You can see how this simplified version closely resembles the center of my logo, with some minor changes.

Fast forward a week or so and my logo is done, it feels downright magical, and I am excited about the direction things are taking.

Now, so far the way my logo came together is pretty neat, but there is one more piece of synchronicity that adds to the magical factor.

The card “Never Ending Story” stayed in my mind during this whole process and I couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to mean.

You may have heard of the movie The Never Ending Story which I remember being one of my favorites as a kid, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was about. I did a quick search and found that the movie was available on Netflix so one night I watched it with my boys.

Turns out – the circles in my new logo closely represent the top of the Ivory Tower from the movie.

Here is a picture of the Ivory Tower from The Never Ending Story (1984). Notice how if you were to look at the tower from the top-down it would look very similar to the symbol in my logo.

In the movie, the Ivory Tower is where the Empress lives. At the risk of grossly over-simplifying a movie with many layers and meanings, in the end the world of Fantasia, where the story takes place, is engulfed by “The Nothing” and is reduced to one grain of sand.

The Empress hands the grain of sand to a child, and tells him that while Fantasia has disappeared, it can arise again through his dreams and wishes.

When he asks “How many wishes can I have?”

She tells him he can have as many wishes as we wants, and the more wishes he has the more magnificent Fantasia will be.

This is the same message that I want you to take away for your life and business.

Your reality is created by your dreams and wishes, and they are unlimited.

You don’t have “one shot” to get things right, you’re never too far down one path to turn down a new one, and when everything feels like it is falling down around you, this is an invitation to rise again as something new and better.

To me, this is what freedom is. The freedom to choose what you want in any given moment and know you are fully supported.

This is what I help my clients with and what I want my new brand to represent. My role is to help my clients explore their dreams and desires, and show them how they are possible in a very tangible way. So it is appropriate that my logo unintentionally also speaks to imagery from The Never Ending Story.

This is only one example of the neat synchronicities that occurred in the creation of my new brand, each one helped me know I was on the right track. Just wait until I share the stories that surround the Branding Game logo!


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