Holly Chantal

Be the Anomaly! How to Find & Brand Your Quirks

Humans are awesome and you have talents that you may think everyone else has, but are really unique to you. These anomalies belong in your brand!

Have you seen those videos on Facebook of people doing amazing things?

Like people who can create beautiful art out of colorful sand on a street corner.  Or those who can memorize a deck of cards in under a minute. 

The thing is that humans can do the most awe-inspiring things. We all have so much magic in us. 

Yes, you have magic too.

Everyone has some kind of talent or magic that they may not even be aware of because they think it’s “normal” but others see them as an anomaly.

Perhaps you do recognize the fact that you can do certain things really well, but you take them for granted because you think there are many others that can do the same thing.

Or on the other hand, you might think your talent or skill makes you weird and you hide it because you’re afraid you will be judged. This fear can stem from an incident that happened years ago. Maybe someone made a comment when you were a kid and you thought you needed to hide your talent in order to belong. 

But here’s the thing…. the things that come naturally, the things that you can do almost effortlessly, are what make you special. 

And if you’re hiding your talent from the rest of the world (or at the very least, not spotlighting it), you’re hiding a huge piece of yourself and your brand. You are an anomaly, and your uniqueness deserves to be discovered and displayed to the world!

This is exactly what I help people do.

I help my clients find their magic and infuse it into their brand, marketing and offers so they can make more money doing what comes naturally for them.

When people know you can do what you do, they see your magic and are drawn to it. In fact, your personal magic could mean the difference between someone hiring you or choosing to work with someone else. 

In the online space, there are so many entrepreneurs that there is bound to be someone else who offers services similar to yours. But those people are not you, they don’t have the same skills, talents, experiences, or point of view that you do. They don’t have the “something” that only you can bring into your brand.

So many of us have grown up thinking we need to fit in and stick to the status quo that we ignore the things that actually make us the most special. It’s time to own what makes you an anomaly. Bring your magic into your business and it will help you stand out to the people you are meant to serve.

Be unapologetic about your talents and bring it to the forefront of your marketing so people can know how incredible you really are.


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