The Message to Market Audit is for established coaches and service providers who are marketing online and know they could/should be getting better results.

Ever wish you could have an expert go through all of your materials and tell you what’s going wrong with your marketing and why you aren’t attracting the number of people (or even the right people) you know you could be?

Well this is the answer to your wish. After writing copy for hundreds of coaches and service professionals, designing websites, building funnels, and crafting webinar campaigns that have collectively brought in millions of dollars, I have become an expert at quickly pinpointing where your marketing is going wrong so we can fix it. I have also picked up lots of nifty strategies to maximizing your marketing that take minimal effort to implement.

This offer is perfect for those that …

  • Have a website, but it’s not a lead source you can rely on
  • Have a “funnel” in place (like a webinar whether live or evergreen) and know it could be converting better
  • Are marketing through email, social media, podcast interviews, or other “online” methods and either aren’t getting the number of leads, or the quality of leads that you desire

Your marketing functions very much like an ecosystem, all of the pieces like your website, your social media, webinars, email campaigns etc. are interconnected. When your marketing isn’t bringing in the right leads on a consistent basis the problem is almost always a mismatch between what you intend to say in your marketing and how it’s being received.

You may simply be too close to see this mismatch on your own which is why I created this package.

In my Message to Market Audit I will go through your entire marketing ecosystem and pinpoint where the weak points are, point out messaging mismatches that could be affecting your results, and offer suggested changes to copy and ways to optimize what you have in place.

Here is how it works.

1. Make Your Wish

We will begin with a kick-off call where you get to dream big and tell me about the clients who are most fun to work with and the packages or services you are offering. I will take lots of notes and ask questions and put together target profiles that will help me get into the mindset of the person you want to attract the most and can view your marketing through their eyes. 

2. Send Me Everything

Next, you will send me everything you’ve got. Your website, landing pages, follow up sequences, webinar slides, social media profiles, and so on. If you’re using it for your marketing, I want to see it. And, if you have them, you’ll send me any numbers you have gathered around open rates, click throughs, conversions and so on.

3. The Magic Happens

I get to work reviewing your materials and making notes about where the mismatches are between your messaging and your audience. This might mean clarifying how you’re explaining your offer, where you might be “teaching” too much in your webinar, or even as nuanced as specific words that are sneaking into your language that could be turning people away.

4. Your Road Map

I’ll bring everything together into a clear roadmap for you (or your team) to implement including snippets of copy, word changes, replacement offer language, suggested marketing topics for the future, and anything else necessary to optimize your results. If I see any additions or changes to your funnel structure that will help you get more people raising their hand to work with you, I will also offer those along with pre-written trainings to help you implement.


The Message to Market Audit can be completed in as little as two weeks so you can move on to implementation and see results as quickly as possible.

When you sign up, we’ll schedule your kick-off call and I’ll send you a list of what to send me. Everything is hosted in Google Docs so that we can make changes real-time, leave questions and comments, and both be looking at the most up to date version. This also makes it easy to share the roadmap with your team and they can just copy and paste the changes into the correct places.

When your roadmap is finished we will schedule a wrap up call to go over everything and answer any remaining questions that you have. 

The investment for this program is $5500 to audit the message to market match and funnel for one offer, and $2500 per additional offer (when done at the same time).