Holly Chantal
Message to Market Audit

For service providers, coaches, and consultants who market online and know they could — or SHOULD — be enrolling more clients.

Ever wish you could have an expert go through all of your marketing materials and pinpoint with surgical precision:

✨Abracadabra✨ your wish is granted!

After writing copy for hundreds of service providers and coaches, designing websites, building funnels, and crafting webinar campaigns (collectively making millions of dollars, BTW), I have become an expert at identifying where marketing goes wrong and how to fix it.

Even better news? My approach will help improve your conversions and minimize your effort.

Because we’re all about that easy-peasy-lemony squeezy. 🍋

And it’s Perfect for Businesses with...

Here’s the deal...

Your marketing functions very much like an ecosystem.

All the pieces (your website, social media, webinars, email campaigns, etc.) are interconnected.

When your marketing isn’t bringing in the right leads consistently, the problem is almost always a mismatch between what you want to communicate in your marketing and how it’s being received.

You may simply be too close to see this mismatch on your own…

…Which is the whole reason I created this offer!

Holly Chantal

In my Message to Market Audit, I analyze your entire marketing ecosystem:

From your weakest marketing corners to messaging mismatches that ruin results...

Then, I deliver customized surgically precise suggestions to optimize what you have in place.

A Handful of Audit Wins

Ana increased her webinar registration rate by 10% and conversion rate by 300%

Milana sold her software as a stand-alone offer for the first time (with no coaching included)

Liz went on to sign 100 clients into her online program

Jessica’s online fitness programs began selling out within days of announcement


Step 1

Make Your Wish

We will begin with a kick-off call where you get to dream big and tell me about your best-of-the-best clients and the packages or services you offer. Then, I will put together target profiles to help me get into the mindset of the person you want to attract the most and can view your marketing through their eyes.

Step 2

Send Me Everything

Next, you will send me everything you’ve got! Your website, landing pages, follow-up sequences, webinar slides, social media profiles, etc. If you’re using it for your marketing, I want to see it. And, if you have data around open rates, click-throughs, conversions, and so on, send those over, too!

The Magic Happens

I get to work reviewing your materials and noting where the mismatches are between your messaging and your audience. This might mean clarifying how you’re explaining your offer, where you might be “teaching” too much in your webinar, or even as nuanced as specific words sneaking into your language that could turn people away.

Step 4

Your Road Map

We will meet for 60 minutes and review my findings. If you would like my help re-writing your copy and implementing the changes we cover — we can talk about what that would look like… I have your back no matter what!

“This has been a great investment in my business!”

Your wealth of knowledge shines through and has helped me clarify specific things in my business. I feel like you SEE me and give me specific information pertinent to MY business even though I have never worked with you before. You are truly a GEM and I’m glad to have found you!

—Sonya Williams, Life Coach and Money Mindset Muse


Message to Market Audit

The Message to Market Audit can be completed in as little as a week so you can move on to implementation and see results as quickly as possible.

When you sign up, we’ll schedule your kick-off call, and I’ll provide a list of what to send me.

The Message to Market Audit is $1500

for a total marketing + funnel review of
one offer.

(Read the testimonials, this audit is worth its weight in gold!)

“I knew I needed to take my brand to the next level – and wasn’t sure where to even start. Holly helped me not only create a unique brand that really expresses ME, but she walked me through setting up the back-end strategies to sell my programs in ways I hadn’t even thought of.”

—Lisa Marie platske