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A marketing ecosystem that CONSISTENTLY attracts qualified leads — without complicated funnels or expensive ads — that boosts your bottom line while cutting hours out of your current workload.

Sound like a dream? Get ready to be pinched.

Because I’m here to create, strategize, and implement this entire system for you.

Done for You Packages

Let me break it all down in video form:

(Psst. If you haven't watched one of my webinars — or the video below — the rest of this page might not make much sense. 😉)

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Done for You is ideal for businesses that DON’T have the time or desire to do the work themselves.

But they DO need:

This offer might also be a fit if you are interested in the frameworks we implement in The Trailblazers Collective or from one of my webinars and you don't want to do ANY of it yourself!

Here are just some of the results clients have achieved with done-for-you messaging:

Bonita signed TWO $2,800/mo retainer clients within a month

Michael began attracting (and signing) fresh leads for his $45k consulting packages

John closed his first $100k virtual B2B training contract

Ashley went from 0 website inquiries to signing 5 clients per month into her high-ticket services (with nearly non-existent price hesitation)

Ann went from selling $250 individual sessions to $5,000 packages (and was annoyed because she thought she'd have less clients... instead she just made a ton more money 😂 )

Michelle doubled her price and people still say YES without hesitation

Patty sold out her retreat in two days adding $25k in unplanned revenue

Eliza began enrolling clients directly from her website

Nancy tripled her revenue in 90 days with her new messaging

Gene signed two $40k contracts in a month with no extra marketing

Ready to add your story to the list?


Step 1

I Get All Up in Your Business

Literally. I take the time to understand you and your business. Not just the basics. We’re talking about understanding the nuances of how you work and what makes you unique — you know, all the stuff that’s hard to quantify or put into words.

Step 2

Vision for the Future

We get clear on where you want to go and your ultimate goals with your marketing, client attraction, brand uplevel, and more. Our goal here is to get the answer to the question: What do you WANT this business to look like at the end of the day?

Master The Plan

Now, it’s time to map out a plan to get there. This might include refining offers, adjusting messaging, adopting or streamlining marketing systems, and more. I’ll reverse-engineer a plan based on your specific goals and what you already have in place.

Step 4

Work My Magic

I head into my lab to create your deliverables. Those might be emails, website copy, a webinar, a pre-qualification sequence, or all of the above. I handle it all while you do whatever YOU want to do… you know, that isn’t writing. 😉

Holly Chantal

Then YOU walk away with...


One-Off Project

This can include: websites, email sequences, webinar scripts, rebranding projects, etc.

Strategic messaging + marketing system plan is always included. The rest of the scope will be customized to your needs.

Starting at $8000

(Payment plans available)

If you want a longer-term relationship. I can join your team for ongoing strategies, insight, and accompanying deliverables.

Also, we can always transition from one-off projects INTO ongoing support.

Starting at $4500/mo

(3 month minimum)

“I already had a strong offline presence with a strong client base. However, I had no online presence which was limiting my growth. The way Holly was able to drill down to the essence of what I do, and bring it together into a clear online brand was truly magical.”

—Sue Guiher, b2b Communication Consultant & Professional Speaker

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