Holly Chantal

Client Case Study

Sneha–Kajabi High Converting Sales Page Designer

How a designer niched down her services, raised her prices by 60% and established herself as a go-to high ticket service provider

INDUSTRY: Website Design

The Before:

When Sneha joined The Trailblazers Collective she was already doing quite well in business. She had reached a point though that she hadn’t been able to grow beyond. 

Sneha’s website and messaging were 5 years old, and while they were serving their purpose, she knew that if she wanted to break through to her next level, she needed to own her place as an expert and reposition her brand.

With small children at home Sneha also wanted to increase her profitability while spending less time in her business so could do other things she enjoyed.

The Desires:

Original Hesitations:

Sneha didn’t have hesitations about Trailblazers Collective. She knew her website and messaging were outdated, and she wanted her positioning and messaging to be in tune with what she wanted to charge. She was confident that we would be able to accomplish that together.

My website was 5 years old, and while I did still get clients from it I knew that I had grown so much in skill and experience since I put it together. If I was going to grow my business, I needed to update my brand presence. I knew Holly was the person to help me because she has a business model where she only needs to work 20 hours a week, and that is what I wanted as well.

— Sneha

The Process:

Step 1

Like many of my clients, Sneha didn’t realize how amazing she really was. So our first step was to explore the way she approached design and pull out all of the gems that we could use to create her proprietary process (which became a cornerstone of her message)

Step 2

 Often when someone comes to me they know what they want… but that vision is limited by what they believe is possible. So our next step was to explore ALL of the options available to Sneha and what she wanted her business to look like. Once we had a clear picture, the path was clear.

Next we established Sneha’s thought leadership platform by creating clear messaging around her methodology, niching down her services, and laying out her brand strategy. By the time we were finished with this step, Sneha felt more confident about her price increase.

Step 4

Then we implemented. I helped Sneha write her website copy, and she (being the designer) created a beautiful website. We also created a new leadmagnet with a lead generation funnel. We tested her new messaging with email campaigns- and moved forward from there.

The Results:

I am so excited about my new business model and know I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own. It was so nice having Holly to review and provider he insights and feedback at each step, so I always knew I was on the right track. Having her confidence helped me make progress quickly, and I am so grateful for my time in the Trailblazers Collective.

— Sneha

Key Takeaway:

Sneha is a pretty accurate reflection of most of my clients. She is skilled, super smart, and has so much potential, yet she was limiting herself by what she believed was possible.

I was very excited and grateful to be a part of Sneha’s journey to help her step into her rightful place as an expert designer, and for her to start getting paid for value she delivered (and I still think there is room to raise her prices 😜 ).

Something I didn’t mention above is that we also built fail-safes into Sneha’s plan so she didn’t have to worry about losing clients with her price increase. We used creative variations of her offer that she could use as a downsell, and in the end she didn’t need to use them.

We also repositioned her template offer, and created her audit offer so she could generate revenue without needing to take on more design clients if she didn’t want to. 

“Holly was with me every step of the way while I built my new messaging and positioning, she gave me the confidence to keep going.”

When I came across Holly’s marketing I could tell that she was real and authentic. I wanted a business like hers, and she delivered. From the outside the Trailblazers Collective may look like a group program, but there is so much more to it. You’re never working on your own. Holly was always available to review my content and offer her edits, she even rewrote parts to make sure everything was perfect. When I needed extra help, we would schedule a 1:1 call. I always felt supported, and got the individual attention I needed.

Doing all of this alone can be extremely difficult, so I’m glad I had Holly by my side through it all.

— Sneha

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