Holly Chantal

Client Case Study

Lou, The Video Consigliere

How a video marketing consultant doubled his price, while eliminating headaches and attracting his dream clients

INDUSTRY: Video Marketing

The Before:

When Lou joined the Trailblazers Collective he was already a very well-respected video marketing authority and had a large client & fan base. He was burning himself out though by over delivering (and under charging) for clients who didn’t appreciate his work.

When we started, Lou thought he wanted to get out of video production services completely and only focus on coaching. With some digging though we realized that creating videos was really his passion–it was how his offers were structured that was stressing him out.

The Desires:

Original Hesitations:

Lou’s biggest hesitation was in believing that he could create the business model he wanted because when he had tried before, it never panned out. He experienced a lot of price resistance with his current offers, so raising prices was very scary. The investment for the Trailblazers Collective was also putting a lot on the line for something he wasn’t sure would work. 

I’ve known Holly for over a decade, and I’ve worked with her a few times over the years. And even I was hesitant to join Trailblazers! It was a huge leap for me. I have seen what her and her clients have achieved, and I wanted the same success. My experience working with clients who couldn’t afford what I wanted to charge, and the stress that came with done-for-you services, told me that what I wanted simply wasn’t possible. I’m glad that Holly proved me wrong.

— Lou

The Process:

Step 1

Instead of a consulting-only service that Lou thought would be easier to deliver, we created a specially structured, done-for-you service that eliminated the headaches he experienced before, and would actually get better results for his clients.

Step 2

Next, we worked on Lou’s messaging. We explored his approach to video marketing and identified the core principles. Then we used those principles to create his thought leadership platform, write the copy for his website, and position his new offer.

Lou brought the new messaging and copy to life on his website with a completely new “Video Consigliere” brand that had an air of professionalism and expertise that was missing before. He was also able to bring even more of his personality into his marketing.

Step 4

With a strong foundation in place, our attention turned to building out a webinar that Lou could use to generate ongoing leads for his services, and leverage affiliate relationships he’s built over the years.

The Results:

Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks? I’ve been in business for 18 years. Within a few weeks of unveiling my new messaging and offer I sold my first high-ticket retainer package.”

Seriously, the back and forth with Holly, getting her input and reassurance during the final enrollment stages was key to making this leap – let alone how she’s helped me completely reposition my services!

— Lou

Key Takeaway:

Lou and I have been friends for a long time, and I appreciate the trust he had in staying the course while we up-ended his business. (And per usual, we had failsafes in place to mitigate risk, even though I knew we wouldn’t need them.)

Like many of my clients Lou is an over-deliverer (I’m an over-deliverer myself) and it’s important that when you deliver at a high level, that you put structures in place that ensure that YOU feel good about the work you’re putting in, and that you’re getting paid for the value you’re bringing to the table.

For Lou, we’re just at the beginning. Now that he has a proven offer, we will work on building solid infrastructure in his business (ie so he’s not doing EVERYTHING himself) that will allow him even more breathing room, and space to grow.

Lou headshot

“I've been in business for a long time, and I'm a marketing expert. The Trailblazers Collective was just what I needed.”

I’ve been in high-level programs before and never had the amount of attention and support that I’ve experienced in the Trailblazers Collective. I know A LOT about marketing, and business growth strategies are nothing new. What Holly and Michelle bring in the Trailblazers Collective is the perfect balance between advanced business strategy, and mindset shifts that get you out of your own way (something I didn’t realize was impacting my business as much as it was).

— Lou

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