Holly Chantal

Client Case Study

Ashley, Naturopathic Doctor

How a naturopathic doctor increased her number of clients per month by 400% for her high ticket offer, without any additional marketing (and fewer price objections)!

INDUSTRY: Naturopathic Medicine

The Before:

When Ashley Joined The Trailblazers Collective in 2022, her Naturopathic practice’s growth had screeched to a halt. Her typical marketing wasn’t converting like it used to; her YouTube videos had stopped generating strong numbers, and they weren’t receiving the number of leads they wanted.

In addition, clients seemed far more price-conscious than before despite not raising their rates since 2020. Since she was on the verge of launching her first online program, she wanted to make sure she was fully setting it up for success!

The Desires:

Original Hesitations:

Ashley was hesitant to sign up for Trailblazers because she was worried she wouldn’t have enough individual support. She did NOT want to get dumped into some group program and left to fend for herself. At this stage, she needed a high-level consultant or expert to hold her hand and occasionally do the work for her. Ashley was also concerned about the 12-month commitment, and if results would happen quickly enough to save her business.

“At first, I was skeptical about Trailblazers. I was worried that it was another mastermind, and I had done masterminds before. I’m usually the one that ends up coaching the other people in the group.

I’m at the point where I needed a blend of coaching and guidance and someone to do things for me and with me. And Holly assured me that I would have LOTS of one-on-one access to her. And she absolutely delivered. There were also times where she and I would just get on the call and hash it out together. Or where she would just write something for me like a lot of the website copy.”

— Ashley

The Process:

Step 1

We clarified what Ashley’s company actually did, who she served best, and how to differentiate her services in the market. (Most people THINK they know what they do but then realize it is missing from their messaging.)

Step 2

Once we had her offers and messaging locked in, we overhauled her website to better position her high-ticket services, warm up & prequalify her prospects, and streamline her buyer’s journey so she didn’t have to “sell”.

With her new website up and running we created easy-to-use structures for creating short YouTube videos, email campaigns, and other desire-building pieces of content. Our goal here was to tap into her existing audience.

Step 4

Now that she had leads coming in we turned our focus to expanding her reach beyond her existing audience. We created assets she could use for affiliate marketing, put together a podcast speaking plan, and other “low-energy” marketing strategies.

The Results:

“As soon as we published the new website, it was like INSTANT traction!

I couldn’t believe how many new applications we got at the same high price points. It was instantaneous, and it continued. And not just more traffic, but we received fewer price objections and more people saying yes!”

— Ashley

Key Takeaway:

Selling a high-ticket offer in the wellness space is something a lot of people don’t believe is possible. I knew when I met Ashley that she had something special and the results her clients got spoke for themselves. The challenge in her marketing was that she was doing a lot of “teaching” of concepts, and not demonstrating why prospects needed her services.

Once we restructured how she was presenting her content, something “clicked” for her audience, and they began reaching out to work with her.

Another thing we did was get laser focused on a per-topic basis so that Ashley could market the same program in a variety of ways. With this strategy, Ashley could market the same program over and over again without sounding redundant – and tapping into different segments of her audience to increase her number of leads.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ashley because she is super smart, amazing at what she does, and implements quickly – which meant she got results quickly as well.

“Holly's just an incredible person. She has been a joy to work with, and she's very responsive.”

She has the perfect balance of teaching you the HOW but also holding your hand or even taking over your hand. She never leaves you hanging when she knows that you’re struggling. And she has a great sense of humor. She’s just very approachable. I’m just so grateful to her.

— Ashley

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