Holly Chantal


It has a reputation for being tricky, complicated, and honestly, very unlikeable...
...And I'd like to present you with an alternative approach!

For 15+ years, I’ve made marketing simple, natural, and easy to manage.


Holly Chantal

Hello! I’m Holly Chantal

I’m a messaging and business model strategist who’s been the behind-the-scenes tactician for hundreds of service providers, coaches, and consultants in ALL sorts of industries and specialties.

I’ve experimented A LOT with almost EVERY main-stream marketing approach over the years.

And I can confirm that the traditional marketing approach IS weird.

How? Well…

Marketing advice is typically packed with MAJOR contradictions. We’re taught things like...

If marketing feels icky, confusing, or hard ☝️ALL THIS ☝️is why!

Trust me, I’ve considered all the trendy, gimmicky, tricky approaches along my journey. And NONE of them ever felt right — and found that my own natural approach simply worked better.

I don’t want to ‘trick’ people.

I’d rather lay everything out and TRUST them to make the decision.

In reality…

Marketing is like dating.

When you stop playing games, trying to “trick” someone into liking you, and start being open and upfront — suddenly, you attract your soulmate (aka ideal clients).

You actually don’t need complicated funnels, long buyer journeys, or psychological “hacks” when you stop playing games and start from a place of mutual respect.

When I got laser-focused on WHO I wanted to work with and gave them the space and information they needed to make a clear decision, I ONLY attracted motivated, qualified clients.

And far more said YES. (Even before we got on the phone)

The first year I did this? I added an additional $100K to my revenue.

Here’s How it Works:


When you get clear on WHO your ideal client is, you can meet them where they’re at and make them feel seen and heard.

You give your prospect the chance to resonate deeply with your philosophy and approach.

(Because there’s just something about you that’s meant to be......)

You can be open and upfront about your offer, pricing, and process....

They feel like they can let their guard down because you’re not trying to trick them.

(Their friends start to like you, too!)

They also have the information they need and the space to make a GOOD decision.

Because they weren’t manipulated, pressured, or pushed, you’ll only enroll those that are 100% ready for your work and value what you do!

Now, they’ll be GLORIOUS clients who achieve REMARKABLE results and become YOUR biggest fans who tell all their friends.

(...And you ride off together into the $unset.)


No marketing nonsense.
My frameworks are SIMPLE to implement,
and take minimal effort to maintain.

I know this approach works because I use it myself and with my clients every day!

As a mom of three (lovely) little goblins, I don’t have the time, or energy to put on live events or ride the launch roller coaster. Tried them. Hated them. Okay, I was good at them, but… these strategies were way too much work when I could make the same money much more easily.

Instead, I built systems that allow me to work 20 hours a week.

AND maintain sustainable growth working only with incredible clients.

Hundreds of businesses, like yours, have felt the difference, my friend.

More Effective Messaging
+ Streamlined Systems
= Far More Money with Way Less Work.

The math is pretty simple…

Ready to make marketing way less weird?

“My personality, my entire business—my brand and even marketing tasks—truly feel like they fit.”

My business vision now feels doable, whereas before it felt like something other people could do but not something I could have.

—Eliza Parker, Baby Guided Sleep Consultant


An Integrative Business Approach


Growing your business while solving one problem at a time is like… decorating your house room by room without the bigger picture in mind. You only end up with a disjointed mess and waste time re-doing your previous work! 

Instead, we begin with laying a stable foundation and continue through every touchpoint of your business, elevating the whole.

Think of it as realigning your entire business — according to your natural patterns and preferences — so you ENJOY your work, achieve the goals you WANT, all at a pace set by YOU.

Because if a strategy doesn’t fit, it’s not going to stick.

After 15+ years of blending traditional marketing strategies, intuition, and metaphysical tools — I understand what makes businesses come together!

Make More To Do More


“We don’t make movies to make money; we make money to make more movies.” ~ Walt Disney

Most of my clients would still work in their business even if they hit the jackpot. I know your business is about more than making money.

I do my best work with clients who possess an abundant mindset and strong work ethic. But no matter how hard they work, it’s like something invisible is blocking them from achieving their vision.

This is often due to an upper limit belief. One of the keys to moving beyond this barrier is to focus beyond your immediate goals to something bigger than yourself.

The more money you make, the more good you can do, when you connect into this belief—you unlock a whole new level of possibilities.

Nothing is permanent

sun dial

Just because you can fit into six-inch heels doesn’t make them comfortable…

…The same goes for how you run your business. I help you figure out what works best for you (regardless of what anyone else is doing).

This is NOT the same as throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks.

Instead, we do intentional experimentation and reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and what you would improve (or remove) as you move forward.

This means, if you don’t like something about your business — we can create an alternative you DO like!

When you adopt the “Nothing is Permanent” philosophy, you can create anything you want while minimizing risk and preventing big decisions from freezing you in your tracks.

“Working with Holly was such a joy! When it came time for a rebrand, I was really struggling with finding the language to convey who my perfect clients were and how I specifically helped them.”

Holly helped me get crystal clear on the language I use and the types of clients that make perfect clients for me. Since working with Holly, my website has received rave reviews, my business has doubled, and the perfect clients are finding their way to me! If you need help with your branding, website design strategy, or brand messaging, I highly recommend you talk to Holly ASAP.

— M. Shannon Hernandez, Joyful Marketing Coach


Some fun facts about me to pass the captcha. 😉

My morning drink: Cocao Rasa

Kiddos: Boys 10 and 7, and Girl, 3

Special Talent: Finding 4 leaf clovers

Pets: Standard Poodle, Siberian Forest Cat, Maximillian Pionus, a Budgie, and Two Guinea Pigs 

Degrees: B.S. in Animal Science (surprise! 😉 ) and a M.Ed in Secondary Education – though I went into entrepreneurship as soon as I graduated so my knowledge comes from 15+ years of tried and true experience.

Countries I’ve Visited: Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Thailand, Greece, Italy, Egypt, and Malta

Countries I’d like to visit: Australia, Wales, and Scotland

Sun Sign: Leo

Human Design: 5/1 Manifesting Generator

Myers Briggs: INTJ/INFJ depending on the day 

Superpowers: Truthseer & Idea Translator

Favorite two truths and a lie: I have been hugged by a snake, jumped on by a cow, and stalked by a hummingbird

Random Fact: I am where I am today because I went to a sex toy party in grad school. (Yes, you can ask me about that.)

“Holly’s process was simple, easy to utilize and totally fun. I got clear on my message, and then developed an entire web strategy that is taking my business and revenue to the next level.”

— Jeannette Bessinger, Wellness Coach & Author


High-pressure sales tactics – Pushy only pushes me away…
Bro-marketing anything – If you wanted that, you wouldn’t be here!
One “Right” Way Mentality – Like you, your business should be custom-made
Celebrity metrics – Lots of followers or TONS of traffic w/o results? Not my jam…

Success is NOT a numbers game, my friend.

At least not when you’ve mastered CONVERSION.

Big launches, vanity metrics, the social media grind, expensive ad campaigns, complicated systems – Sure, you CAN do these things… but be honest, do you WANT to?

We want ease & flow, not rise & grind.

Ready to build your launch pad?