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Book an Offer Assessment with Holly Chantal

If you’re a coach, consultant, or online service business doing $10k/mo or more in revenue – I can help you generate a predictable, reliable flow of qualified leads.

In this rapid-fire session I will:

  1. Review your offer and highlight opportunities for creating more sales.
  2. Identify possible strategies to scale your revenue without working harder.
  3. Provide a 3-step plan for how to move forward.

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Client Testimonials

“After just our second call I sold out my retreat – adding $25k of revenue that month with my new messaging. My new brand is like the Midas Touch!”

—Patty Lennon, Business Coach & Intuitive

“Holly’s process was simple, easy to utilize and totally fun. I got clear on my message, and then developed an entire web strategy that is taking my business and revenue to the next level.”

—Jeannette Bessinger, Wellness Coach & Author

“I already had a strong offline presence with a strong client base. However, I had no online presence which was limiting my growth. The way Holly was able to drill down to the essence of what I do, and bring it together into a clear online brand was truly magical.”

—Sue Guiher, Communication Strategist & Professional Speaker

“I knew I needed to take my brand to the next level – and wasn’t sure where to even start. Holly helped me not only create a unique brand that really expresses ME, but she walked me through setting up the back-end strategies to sell my programs in ways I hadn’t even thought of.”

—Lisa-Marie Platske, Professional Speaker