Are you a coach, consultant, or service provider that has reached a turning point where your business as it stands now is no longer what you want it to be?
Vantage Model Demo: How to Realign Your Business to Reach New Audiences, Create Stable Revenue Streams, and Wave Goodbye to Your Upper Limits
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Secret #1
How to identify what is misaligned in your business so you can find your direction
Secret #2
How to shift your audience, pricing, and offers without breaking what's already working
Secret #3
The most common blindspot that business owners don't even realize is keeping them stuck
Meet Your Host
For over a decade Holly Chantal has helping coaches and service professionals who have reached a plateau in their revenue bring their message, business model, and marketing systems into in alignment with their next level of growth.

One of Holly’s gifts is creating clear messaging that captures the brilliance of your work and makes it tangible for your ideal clients. Her clients have gone on to close $100k deals, sell $50k from a single webinar with only a few participants, and sell out their brand new offerings within days or weeks – all from the changes made to what they say in their marketing.

On this webinar she will be sharing her framework for taking an established business and gracefully realign it with the owner's updated vision (without breaking what is currently working).

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