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I’m thrilled that you’re interested in the Trailblazers Collective! We have a brilliant group of smart, talented business owners who are all making big leaps in their business alongside each other. I’m looking forward to having a chat and seeing if we’re a good fit, please choose a time below that works for you (or email if you can’t find a time) and we’ll take it from there!

Signing up for the Trailblazer’s Collaborative (TBC) is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business (and myself) in a very long time. I’m transitioning to finally set up the amazing coaching business that I had envisioned many years ago, so I’m basically starting again from scratch. This dedicated time, educational content, Q&A time, and support network within the TBC will be the reason I am successful in creating the business and life of my dreams. 

I didn’t have any hesitation in signing up because this program is the missing piece I need to really make my business work — dedicated time to work ON my business on projects and tasks that will propel me forward. 

Holly’s expertise, support, and the amazing community she’s built is just what I need to help me launch my business confidently and successfully, this time around.  Having Holly as our guide, the weekly “Get Er Done Sessions”, wonderful educational sessions, the ability to ask any question(s) we need to keep us progressing forward (relieves that getting stuck feeling), a forum to ask for help or bounce ideas off of, and the community of like-minded individuals are exactly what I need to focus my goals each week and make consistent progress in setting up and living the business/life of my dreams. I can actually see that all coming to fruition – I have a plan to get there.  

I know that through this platform, I have already been able to understand clearly what stage my business is in, to see the bigger picture of the natural evolution of moving through the stages, and created/outlined specific projects and tasks I want to accomplish in the 1st 90 days that will add up to accomplishing my goals the year. This allows me to get really clear on what to bring to the “Get er Done” sessions and the questions I have to help me break through any barriers in getting there.  

This platform would have been amazing to have available when I was 1st starting out so that I didn’t flail and struggle as much as I did. Now I feel confident that I will be able to stand in my purpose and create the business to serve those I’m meant to serve. I’m super excited to see where my business is going to grow to in the next year and beyond. I’m confident that with Holly and the team of peers at TBC, I’ll have a support network that will help me accomplish my goals and then some this year.

Thanks to Holly and the TBC team! You all rock and I am excited to see the world change because of all the amazing work you all do!

Michelle Wartgow

Live Your Cause Coaching

I had mixed feelings about participating in the retreat. With a million things on my to do list, I didn’t know how I’d step away for a big chunk of two days. Plus, I facilitate strategic planning sessions for clients, so I didn’t know whether it was really going to be worth my time.  “I’ll just try it for a while,” I told myself, “and if it’s not worthwhile, I’ll bow out and get back to work on my other stuff.” 
I ended up staying for every minute and being thankful that I had.  It was the first time in a long time that I paused everything and put the focus on MY business, instead of my clients. It forced me to look at numbers that made me uncomfortable and acknowledge messy parts of my business that I’d prefer not to shine a light on.
Don’t misunderstand – I am a flurry of activity, but the flurry can be exhausting. I walked away from the 2-day retreat with a plan that brings direction to the flurry so that I can actually feel effective and have a positive impact on my numbers. I’m excited to see what the next quarter brings!
Joy Duling

Joy of Membership

What I’ve gotten from TBC so far…
I have thoroughly enjoyed setting aside 90 minutes every Monday to work on my business. I like having the accountability of knowing I will report, at the end of the session, what I have accomplished to move my business forward.

I also like hearing what others in the group are doing, and Holly you give great feedback to the questions asked. This is such a valuable use of my time and has been a great investment in my business!

Your wealth of knowledge shines through and has helped me clarify specific things in my business. I feel like you SEE me and give me specific information pertinent to MY business even though I have never worked with you before. You are truly a GEM and I’m glad to have found you!

Sonya Williams

Life Coach and Money Mindset Muse

“The Trailblazers Collaborative Workshop has been tremendously helpful to me. As a person who has suffered from overwhelm regarding my business, I felt a switch in my perception. I learned techniques that made me realize it really isn’t that difficult to break things down into projects and plan what needs to be done for them. It may seem to simple but before this, I knew I had a huge list of things I needed to accomplish and that list was the wall that would prevent me from doing anything. I am now so excited to get started on my projects having such a clearer path on how to work through them. 

I highly recommend this workshop and working with Holly. She is super-attentive  and knowledgeable in business. She is also really down to earth and professional. As an intuitive, I know I can trust Holly and this why I signed up.”

Sonia Tavares