The Trailblazers Collective is for coaches and private practitioners that want a customized plan for achieving their goals, and long-term support while they get there.

Have you ever taken a class, had a conversation with your coach, or attended an event and felt an “aha” moment and knew exactly what you needed to do next in your business… but when you went to take action you found that you didn’t really know where to start or how to do it? This is totally common, and we’re here to help.

The problem is that most coaching programs and courses teach you a strategy and give you a plan, but then it’s up to you to execute that plan on your own.

While you may be very motivated and have a solid direction in that moment, pretty soon other problems and priorities come up, you have client work that needs to be completed, and before you know it, it’s been months and you still haven’t implemented what you set out to.

The Trailblazers Collective picks up where other programs leave off and not only do we help you map out a custom plan for reaching your goals, we stay by your side while you implement your plan.

Hey there, I’m Holly Chantal.

For the last decade I’ve been helping and coaches and private practitioners bring their message, business model, and marketing systems into alignment with their next level of growth.

What I have found is that every client’s path is unique and instead of fitting their ideas and style into a pre-made system that may have worked for someone else, much quicker progress can be made when they are working with strategies that are customized for them.


Our approach in the Trailblazers Collective is to help you “learn by doing,” as you execute your customized plan we are by your side to offer feedback, answer questions, and course correct. This is different than other programs because instead of “telling you what to do” and trying to fit you into a cookie cutter approach, you will learn how to adapt the strategies you’re learning on your journey as an entrepreneur, to your own style. 

By doing things this way you will:

  • Set your business up in a way that allows you to do more of what you love.
  • Become a confident decision maker and continually break through upper limits.
  • Develop self awareness so you know when you’re out of alignment.
  • Learn how to adapt marketing strategies so they suit your natural communication style.

By following this process most of our participants double or triple their revenue in under a year and free up loads of time because they are only focusing on strategies that make the most impact and feel natural for them.

You Will Master These Four Pillars

We love working closely with our clients, and chances are you do too. By focusing on these pillars we will help you set up your business in a way that you will be able to have consistent 5-figure months, working closely with clients that you love, and with enough leverage that you don’t feel chained to your desk all week.

Hybrid Offers

Set up your offerings so they take less time to deliver, yet still feel high-touch, and get your clients better results. 

Aligned Decisions

Build your “confidence muscle,” and recognize when you’re out of alignment so you can make decisions easily.

Natural Marketing

Market yourself using strategies that suit your communication style and become a natural extension of your work.

Mindful Integration

Discover how to choose, manage, and complete the projects that will have the biggest impact on your business as a whole.

Here’s How It Works

Trailblazers Council

Quarterly Master Planning Sessions

You will kick off your journey with a one-to-one planning session with Holly to set your goals for the year and create a custom plan for reaching them. Then, you’ll join the group for quarterly VIP days where we take a holistic, top-down view of your business and lay out your exact steps for the next 90 days. 

Together we will:

  • Keep an eye on your goals and the progress you’re making.
  • Map out your next steps so you always know where to focus your attention.
  • Bring your attention to patterns and triggers that could be blocking you.


Live Group Coaching & On-Demand Support

You’ll have expert support as you work on your projects, so that you’re never more than a call or message away from knowing what comes next, whether you’re on the right track, and what to do when things don’t go as planned.

  • Participate in Bi-Monthly Live Coaching Calls where we will help you solve problems as they arise, review your work, brainstorm ideas, and address the mindset and belief blocks that are working against you. 
  • On-demand support in our private Facebook group where you can ask your burning questions and get real-time feedback on what you’re working on.
  • Optional: Schedule a weekly “Get’Er Done” power work-session and be held accountable for what you got done so you can continue to move forward.

Masterclasses and Templates

In your implementation plan we will choose the strategies that suit you the best, and I’ve recorded step-by-step masterclasses to walk you through those strategies.  During our planning sessions we will choose which masterclasses to focus on for that quarter, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and always know what comes next. 

You will have access to the entire library of classes recorded over the last three years plus all new classes including:

  • Find, hire, and onboard the right people
  • Making empowered decisions (and avoiding shiny object syndrome)
  • Managing your money so you get to keep more of it
  • Easily create branded worksheets and collateral
  • Confident (and profitable) sales conversations
  • Crafting “Easy Yes” Offer language and Campaigns to fill them
  • Plan your home page (and classes for writing other pages of your site)
  • Make your new subscribers love you and buy (an opt in indoctrination sequence)
  • Creating a 25 hour work week 
  • Formula for quickly writing blog/video content
  • Build visibility with podcast interviews and booking speaking engagements
  • Creating brandable names and developing your own “lexicon”
  • A system for enrolling new clients every 21-Days
  • Selling with webinars (including webinar structure, promotion, and follow up)
  • Onboard new clients and build their momentum
  • And more…

Topics are chosen specifically to support the activities participants are actively working on and questions being asked during calls and in the Facebook Group. These masterclasses are also great training for your team and can speed up your delegation efforts.

Meet Our Co-Leader

Having the right strategy is only one half of the puzzle. When it comes to growing your business, your mindset and beliefs are equally as important.

For that reason we’ve invited Michelle Quinn to join the Trailblazers Collective team as our resident mindset expert.

Michelle has had her private practice for over a decade where she helps clients uncover their core identity, develop the innate talents and skills they were born with, and accelerate their personal growth.

Her specialty is helping business owners identify and eliminate patterns and beliefs that are holding them back from the success they desire.

Michelle also has vast knowledge of traditional teachings and metaphysical tools that allow her clients to break through into new levels of awareness and abilities in their businesses.


With our powers combined you will find a plethora of knowledge and tools that will help you get more done and grow your business faster than you ever thought possible.

What The Schedule Looks Like


The Second Wednesday of every month
at 12PM Eastern. (Recorded)

Live Coaching Calls

The First & Third Wednesday of every month
at 12PM Eastern. (Recorded)

You’ll receive a calendar when you sign up that has all of these dates with access information embedded right in it. Quarterly Group VIP Days are scheduled on a rolling basis, if you have specific questions about this, please ask.

The Trailblazers Collective is NOT for everyone though.

The success of our members is important to us and we only work with those that we are confident we can help. So to make sure we can do our best work, here is who we are looking for:

You’re in the right place if:


You’re an action taker, and when you have direction you’re unstoppable.


You are a master of your craft and want a client-base and business that reflects that.


Stepping outside of trends and conventional advice to build your business on your terms excites you.


You are kind and sensitive to the feelings of others, especially when it comes to giving feedback or advice.

This may not be for you if:


You are completely new to business and aren’t sure where to start.


You are mainly seeking technical and software support.


You want a blueprint to follow and someone else to make decisions for you.


Your “cup is already full” and you aren’t open to the viewpoints and ideas from others.

Interested? Let’s talk about pricing and timing.

The best way for us to decide if this program would be a good fit for you and your business right now is to have a conversation.

Before we do that though, I’m sure your curious about the price and how long the program is. 

The Trailblazers Collective is a 12 month program. This gives us time for you to launch new offers, implement repeatable marketing strategies, and create systems that will support your business growth over the long term.

Plus, as I’ve said before this program is about developing SKILLS for integrating new ideas into your business. Learning a new skill takes time, practice, and a mentor looking over your shoulder to help point out patterns that have been holding you back and replace them.

The investment for this program is $10,200 and payment plans are available.

Take the First Step – Apply Now

Spots open periodically for the Trailblazers Collective. If you’re interested in joining then your first step is to book an interview. We will review your goals, challenges, and whether this program is the best fit for your needs right now.


What if I can't make it to all of the calls?

Three calls a month probably sounds like quite a commitment! And the truth is, you won’t make it to all of them every month and that is okay. The reason there are so many is so that the support is available when YOU need it.

The Masterclasses are short and the more you attend the more skills and ways of thinking you’ll pick up. They are also archived so you can access the ones you need exactly when you need them.

The Live Coaching Calls are truly a support tool that is there for you when you want my input on a project you’re working on. You can send questions ahead of time that I will do my best to answer if extenuating circumstances are keeping you away.

Everything is recorded as well.


What will I find in the Masterclass Library?
What members LOVE about the Masterclasses is that they’re each designed to answer a common question. So when you get stuck, I can direct you to a class that will teach you exactly what you need to know along with a workbook or template that will literally walk you through implementation.

Have a question that isn’t in the Library? Those are my favorite because it means I can create it for you. Every month a new Masterclass is added.

Here’s a sample of what the library looks like:Masterclass SampleMasterclass Sample

Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

Your success will be based on how willing you are to take action, so for that reason I can’t offer a guarantee for a particular result you will achieve.

That said, if you sign up you can request a refund within the first 30 days if you decide the Trailblazers Collective isn’t for you, I’ll even send you an extra $7 to buy yourself an ice cream as thank you for giving us a try!

I’m just starting out and need support in building my business, is this program for me?

This depends, if you’re totally new to business and are still figuring out your direction, then probably not. If you’re starting out in business but you’re not new to your work (like a therapist opening a private practice, or a marketing professional that is starting a consulting business) then this may be a good fit. The best way to find out is to have a conversation, I will only invite you to join if we are both confident that you’re in a good place to make the most of this program.

My business is very unique, how will you be able to help me?
Of course your business is unique, you’re a trailblazer!

No matter what industry you’re in, or what your business model looks like we all experience similar challenges.

Members come from all walks of life and business, and I myself have worked with many different business models and niches and I’m confident that I can support you as you implement new ideas into your business.

Is the Trailblazers Collective a course, or is it a membership program?

In fact, it’s neither! This is what makes it different than most of the offers you will see in the coaching industry.

Every where you look there are courses teaching you different strategies for growing your business, and deep down you already *know* what you need to be doing.

The problem is that one, you are really busy and keep putting your own business needs on the back burner and two, when you do go to implement you find that you had a lot more questions than you realized and end up getting stuck.

The Trailblazers Collective gives you the protected time you need to have set aside in your schedule to work on your business, plus the support and guidance when those questions come up and you’re not sure what to do next, or if you’re on the right path.

Now, that may make it sound kind of like a membership, but here is the difference. Most memberships leave you overwhelmed with information because they have archives upon archives of information for you to go through.

Our masterclasses are archived to be used as a resource, and they are extremely focused on one topic at a time.  This way they can be used as a reference when those questions of “how do I do this” arise in your business so you don’t get stuck NOT to teach you something new that you need to add into your business.

The other thing about memberships is that normally the creator is only available in a very limited fashion. In the Trailblazers Collective you have direct access to Holly and Michelle through the Facebook Group and Group Coaching Calls. We also personally keep tabs on you and your progress throughout the program.

What if I'm not sure I could really provide help to others because my experience is so specialized?

You’d be surprised at the value of a fresh pair of eyes. Sometimes we are so close to what we do that we are blinded to what is obvious to others. Getting feedback from someone who doesn’t know your industry can open you up to new possibilities, as well as get a true picture of how what you’re creating looks to outside eyes.

As long as you have a giving spirit, I’m sure you will have plenty to offer the group. Don’t be shy!

That said, there is no requirement to offering support to others. If a questions is asked that I know is in your wheelhouse then I will tag you and you can choose to respond.

I’m super introverted and not so great at “reaching out” and participating in communities, will this program work for me?

No worries, as a card carrying introvert myself, when I’m in other people’s programs I’m the same way. I like to sit back and watch what others are doing, rather than be the life of the party.

This is a year long program so you’ll get to know the familiar faces, and I find that makes it easier to participate.

Plus, the great thing about the Facebook Group is that it is a safe space for even the most introverted to ask questions (haters or people that are not providing feedback in a kind way will be not be tolerated), it’s also a good place for you to get your feet wet in participating and answering questions for others when you feel inspired to.

That all said – if you’re not asking questions then we can’t help you. So consider this a safe space to practice asking for what you need and getting it!


How many participants are there in the Trailblazers Collective?

This is a high-touch program and we keep the number of participants around 15.

Some Love From a Few of Our Trailblazers

(They can’t wait to meet you!)

I’m so grateful I said yes to joining the Trailblazer’s Collective. I had not worked with Holly previously, so I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting but let me tell you, it is exactly what I needed. Her clear and focused methodologies along with her highly personalized approach, has helped me take all my big ideas and put a container and a plan around them.

I am more focused, energized and in action than I have been in a long time. The 2 day Master Planning session was invaluable and is a huge gift from Holly.

The value is above and beyond my expectations and I am so pleased with my decision to join this group. And the women in the collective are so warm and fun!

Justine Arian, CPCC Women’s Transformation Coach

I was at the end of a 2 year business sabbatical when I registered for Holly’s Trailblazers Collective program.

I had been struggling to get clear on how to not only work smarter and fewer hours (no more burnout for me!) but also define my focus more clearly.  Struggle over!

In just a few short weeks I’ve received insight to implementing the strategies I’ve been looking for to take my business to a fantastic level of success in an even shorter time frame!  It was a leap of faith from sabbatical to full steam ahead that I’m SO GLAD I took!

Kate Large, Founder of Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers

I’ve attended other planning workshops that have given me great nuggets, but I have often left feeling overwhelmed by so much to do. The Master Planning Workshop provided a wonderfully different experience. I have a great plan for the next 90 days AND I don’t feel overwhelmed. I can’t express in words how valuable this has been for me! In the past I’ve done bits and pieces of some of the things we covered, but the last 2 days have provided me with insight, inspiration and ideas that I shall implement beginning TODAY!!!

I like the materials you provided, the flow of the schedule and the great, personal feedback you provided to each participant. We all agreed that we received great value from hearing you work with each of us to clarify our projects. That was SOOO helpful. I am already looking forward to next quarter’s planning session – LOL!!! This along with having the weekly support of the Trailblazer’s Collective has been one of the best investments I have made for myself and my business. I am so glad to have found you and become a part of this wonderful adventure!!

Sonya Williams, Life Coach and Money Mindset Muse

Ready For The Next Step?

Take the First Step – Apply Now

Spots open periodically for the Trailblazers Collective. If you’re interested in joining then your first step is to book an interview. We will review your goals, challenges, and whether this program is the best fit for your needs right now.