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Holly Chantal is a speaker, business integrator, and marketing strategist that has helped thousands of online business owners upgrade their vision and create the inner and outer transformation required to break through their upper limit.

Holly has spoken hundreds of times both virtually and on stage, and is continually innovating in the online marketing industry. She brings to the stage a perfect mix of practical advice, endearing quirkiness, and a dry sense of humor that makes her a well rounded edu-tainer that will leave your audience looking at their business in a whole new light!

Her content goes deep without being overwhelming and Holly has a knack for using fun analogies and stories that will have your audience geeking out with her and marveling at how even small changes in perspective can make a huge impact on their business.

Holly has produced her own events and understands the pressure and challenges, plus she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. Holly not only brings high-value content that will make YOU look good – she is also an extremely creative and strategic collaborator that will do her part to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

Signature Topics

The 90 Day Experiment: How to accelerate your business growth with micro-decisions

Big Picture: When your business is growing fast, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make. These decisions are enough to freeze you in your tracks or fret endlessly that you’re “doing things right”. This talk will inspire a new way of project planning and assessing your business success. This is the system Holly used to double and triple her revenue for three consecutive years as well as shift from working 60 hours to only 25 hours a week.

Takeaway: A paradigm shift on how you look at your business growth and the decisions you make every day.

For: Service based entrepreneurs who are action takers – but quickly lose momentum and aren’t reaching the potential they know is possible for them. This topic is suited for a keynote, or breakout session.

Brand Momentum: How to identify what stage your brand is in and what to focus on first to make your next quantum leap

Big Picture: Discover the three stages of branding every business goes through between starting up and reaching the million-dollar mark. Learn common pitfalls of each stage and what is truly important to getting more clients (Hint: If you’re about to begin a website project, you’ll want to hear this first!)

Takeaway: Know exactly where you stand on the branding spectrum and a focused plan for what steps to take to reach your next level.

For: Service based business owners who are feeling overwhelmed with all of the marketing options or what pieces need to fall into place to pave the way for reaching their revenue goals. This topic is ideal as a breakout, workshop, or online webinar.

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Gene Hammett

Speaker, Author, and Creator of Leaders in the Trenches

“It was great to have Holly speak at Stand Speak and Profit – her breakout session was value-packed and people walked away with a whole new understanding and access to branding.

I’d describe Holly as a big brain wrapped in a lot of fun. When you meet her or see her speak, it’s clear she knows her stuff. Her magic though is in how easy she makes the complex topic of branding. She goes much deeper than the “canned” teaching points everyone is used to hearing, and she does it without overwhelming her audience. I’d bring her back in a heartbeat because she’s dependable and brings a fresh perspective, and above everything else, is a solid business owner who operates with an enormous amount of integrity.”

Iman Khan

President of Red Elephant – Speaker Training and Event Production

Past Speaking Appearances

  • ONTRAPALOOZA 2017, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Stand, Speak, and Profit Orlando, Florida
  • Brand Your Awesome LIVE New York City,
    and Nashua, New Hampshire (self-produced
    full-day events)
  • Celebrating Women in Business New York City
  • eWomen Network Westport, Connecticut
  • Center for Women & Enterprise Nashua, New Hampshire
  • Network Now Doylestown, Pennsylvania
  • Book Yourself Solid AMPLIFIED with Michael Port
  • Get More Clients NOW Summit with Erika Ferenzci
  • Leaders in the Trenches with Gene Hammett
  • The Engaging Brand with Anna Farmery
  • The Art of Persuasion World Summit with Barbera Aimes
  • The Richer Life Summit with Erika Ferenzci
  • Happy Business Show with Therese Skelly
  • Client Attraction Success Summit with Sherry Mirshahi-Totten
  • The Amplified Expert Podcast with David Jehlen
  • Brand Tales (self-produced)
  • The LOBoratory (self-produced, over 150 unique epsiodes)