The Trailblazers Collective

A semi-private coaching program offering both strategic and mindset support as you step into the next evolution of your business.

Consciously shape your brand, business model, and marketing systems through 90 day sprints that allows you to get it all done and keep a pulse on what works best for you. 

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Map Your Message

If you want someone that can immediately understand what you do in all of its complexity and will help you align your message with where your business is headed, then this is the option for you.

In this four week, private intensive we will get clear on your direction, craft a message that aligns your audience and offers, and map out exactly where each piece of your message belongs in your marketing campaigns.

This intensive is ideal for coaches or service providers that are experts in their field and are looking to up-level their work, sell higher ticket offers, and attract a more sophisticated audience.

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Message to Market Audit

Ever wish you could have an expert go through all of your materials and tell you what’s going wrong with your marketing and why you aren’t attracting the number of people (or even the right people) you know you could be?

Well this is the answer to your wish. After writing copy for hundreds of coaches and service professionals, designing websites, building funnels, and crafting webinar campaigns that have collectively brought in millions of dollars, I have become an expert at quickly pinpointing where your marketing is going wrong so we can fix it.

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The Branding Game

In this 10 module, self-guided program you will peel back all of the layers of complexity to your work and get to the core of your brand. Finally, you will know exactly how everything you do fits together and a clear way to communicate the value of your work. You’ll leave with tangible tools to help you carry your new brand message throughout your marketing.

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Want my help to break through the upper limits in your business and reach your next level of growth? Book a consultation now and let’s put a package together that suits your specific needs and goals.