Map Your Message is a 4-week private intensive that is perfect for coaches and service professionals who have reached a turning point in their business and want to up-level their message so they can do their highest level work. 

This program is perfect if you are in a point of transition like…

  • You want to rebrand and bring your message and marketing into alignment with your work at its highest level
  • You’ve been relying on referrals and want to get more perfect-match clients from your online marketing
  • You’ve outgrown parts of your business and want to make foundational changes like who you’re working with, or what you’re offering without completely starting over

Your marketing functions very much like an ecosystem, all of the pieces like your website, your social media, webinars, email campaigns etc. are interconnected.

Strategically, when your message is in alignment at all levels of your marketing, the actions you’re taking are more effective. Your marketing will be more likely to reach your ideal clients and create a connection with them in a way that they will make the decision to work with you before you’ve even made an offer.

On a more personal level, when YOU feel aligned with your message, you’ll feel even more energized and inspired to create, which let’s face it, is kind of the best place to be as a business owner.

In my Map Your Message private intensive we will work side-by-side to deconstruct then reconstruct your message, craft your offer language, and plan exactly what to share in your marketing to get more ideal-clients reaching out to you on a weekly basis.

During our time together, we will:

1. Map Your Audience

Our first step is to get super clear on who the clients are that most value the work you do and that you get the best results for.  We then unravel your broader audience into multiple hyper-specific profiles that you can use in your marketing campaigns to essentially hand-choose who you’re attracting into your offers.

With this information we will consider both the big picture strategy of what these folks are truly looking for help with, and specific topics to use in your marketing that will create paradigm shifts for your perfect-match clients so they see your solution as THE solution and make the decision to work with you before even seeing your offer. 

I will also help you identify patterns in your language that might be attracting the wrong people, or setting incorrect expectations and are the reason you haven’t been able to create the results you want up until now.

2. Map Your Method

Next, we will put words to how you solve your client’s problem better than anyone else.

Oftentimes coaches and service providers think that their strengths lie in their level of experience or personality, but when we dig deeper we find that there is something more that they’ve never been able to put their finger on, but is the real reason their clients get results.

Once we crack this open, the magic behind your method will become even clearer to you and the immense value will be simple to communicate. We can then package this method into your own proprietary process that can be used to position you as a leader in your industry.

3. Map Your Offer

We will write your “A to B Offer” language that you will use to pitch your program(s) on your sales pages, social media, in your blog articles, webinars etc.  This structure will help your clients visualize applying your method to their own situation and what results they could create by working with you.

With this offer language you can turn any piece of teaching material into a sales tool without feeling “too promotional” or sullying the generosity of what you’re sharing.  

4. Map Your Marketing

As we go, we will create a plethora of content ideas and I’ll teach you which pieces of your message belong at different points in your marketing ecosystem. This way when we’re finished you’ll have a concrete plan for how you can immediately begin using your new messaging, as well as what to do with new ideas going forward so you don’t feel like you’re pigeonholed into talking about one thing.

You will also learn my “Trailblazing Trifecta” framework which will help you simplify how you communicate ideas and create sales copy with a conversational voice. My clients and I find that this conversational tone goes a long way to conveying your innate authority as a thought leader and building trust with prospects versus relying on “sales tactics” that create a feeling of scarcity and pressure to get more leads.

How it works

When you sign up, I’ll share your first assignment and we’ll schedule your kick-off call.

Your assignments will help you deconstruct all of the pieces of your message and put them into a format that we can work with, then I will help you examine each piece to decide what goes, what stays, and what needs to be added. Then we bring everything together into an aligned whole.

Everything is hosted in Google Docs so that we can both work on your messaging between calls and be looking at the most up to date version. 

We will meet by phone or Zoom four times during the intensive to dig even deeper into the details and make sure you feel confident as each piece of your message falls into place.

When we are finished you will have clear messaging that you feel connected to and can be used at every level of your marketing campaigns. You’ll feel more inspired and able to generate infinite ideas for what to share in your marketing. You’ll also have frameworks for creating that content quickly and easily. 

The documents we will have created can also be shared with your team and/or a copywriter to be used as a reference as you move forward. 

The investment for this program is $8000 and payment plans are available. If you would like me to also write your website copy and/or oversee your rebrand project let me know and we can co-create a custom package that suits your needs.