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Attention Service Providers, Coaches, & Consultants:
What if you had a repeatable, reliable system for bringing in qualified leads for your high ticket offers - without launches or live events?
Well, the Trailblazers Collective may be exactly what you're looking for.
 I’m currently accepting 3 new clients who are ready to implement my simple system for filling high ticket offers. 
After writing hundreds of campaigns, websites, and webinars that have collectively brought in millions of dollars for clients, I have landed on a system for attracting qualified leads and enrolling them into high ticket offers ($5k-$25k mainly) with minimal time-input and low risk.

In fact I use this system to sell my $8k-$24k programs while only working 20 hours a week.

This offer is perfect for those that …

  • You want to attract more qualified leads into your business
  • Client results matter and you value "transformation" over "transaction"
  • You're currently doing at least $5k revenue per month
  • You want a coach who will take the time to understand your business and support you as an individual
When your marketing isn’t bringing in the right leads on a consistent basis the problem is almost always a mismatch between your messaging (what you say and the topics you're covering in your marketing) and your market (your ideal clients' needs, wants, and experiences).
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In the Trailblazers Collective I will help you NAIL your message-to-market match, craft an offer your prospects feel silly saying "no" to, and develop systems to sell your offer consistently with minimal time invested.
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Here's how it works:
Phase 1: We identify 2-3 ideal client profiles for those that most value your services, then we craft perfect-match offer language that will make them feel relieved they've found you.
Phase 2: I'll guide you through installing a pre-qualification system that builds trust with your leads, answers their basic questions, and gets them ready to do the deep work you're called to do.
Phase 3: We create an "Evergreen Invitation" that you can promote in a variety of ways and will consistently get "fast action takers" raising their hand to work with you (as well as providing the opportunity to nurture your slow and steady buyers)
While you can expect quick wins in your first 90 days - we will support you over 12 months to dial in your messaging and ensure your results are repeatable and sustainable.
Here are real results my clients are getting:
Jeff went from selling $2500 Done-For-You packages to $1500/mo retainer packages for coaching services. His first sale was within 2 weeks of joining the Trailblazers Collective.
Within two weeks of implementing her new messaging Ana increased her webinar
conversion rate by 300% helping her successfully fill the group and giving her the confidence to raise her prices.
Liz Dederer successfully launched her Sales School online and had 100 students participate in her first year, and signed a five-figure contract with a university.
Ready to see what I can do for you?
IMPORTANT: This special opportunity is not available to everyone.
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In order to get the best results you MUST:

>>> Already have an existing service business doing at least $10k in revenue per month

>>> Have an audience (even a small one) already or ability to get in front of an audience that contains your ideal clients

>>> Be teachable/coachable and have a true desire to help people (not just make a sale)
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If this sounds like you and you would like my support to install systems into your business that will allow you to more easily sell your high-ticket offers then...
Schedule a consultation to go over the program details and if you decide to move forward-we can get started right on the phone.
Choose two possible times to meet.
(I will confirm one of the times after you've filled in the application on the next page.)
On the next page you'll find an application where you can fill me in on the details of you business and what you're looking for support with.

After the application you'll be provided with all of the details of the program, including a side-by-side comparison of packages with pricing.

If at any point you decide this is not the program for you right now - you can cancel your call with no questions asked.
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