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Your Business Model is Your Blindspot

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A little bit more about your blindspot…

To put it simply, you need to create more leverage in your business. This may seem pretty obvious, and the blindspot comes in with “why” you haven’t been able to create that leverage already.

For example:

You may know that you need to delegate more – but finding the right people, or finding the time to train them in the way you like to do things keeps you from really letting go of some of your more time-consuming activities.


You may have tried to create more leveraged offers but you’re afraid that your clients won’t get the same results, and those fears are subconsciously holding you back.

It’s important when tackling this blindspot to make sure that you aren’t only thinking about the tangible plans for the business model you want, but to also address the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back from truly stepping into your vision. Sometimes just knowing what these fears are is enough to create a plan that feels good and satisfies the needs those fears are bringing up.

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