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Messaging is Your Blindspot

Messaging is tricky because every other business activity hinges on getting your message right, this also happens to be my specialty. Schedule a consultation now and we can dive deeper into your message and pinpoint exactly where the mismatch is occurring.

A little bit more about your blindspot…

Messaging is a VERY common blindspot because it can stymie even the most confident service provider. You are most likely amazing at what you do, have an offer that is perfect for your prospects, but for some reason you can’t see the forest for the trees and your message isn’t landing how you intend it to.

This blindspot most commonly occurs when:

  • Your business has historically come from referrals and you want to get more clients from your online marketing efforts. It’s not easy going from “two way conversation” to “capturing your prospect’s attention and communicating value with a static message”
  • You have reached your “upper limit” and have plateaued because you’re being called to something bigger, but subconscious beliefs and/or blocks are keeping you from taking action – or if you are taking action, then they might be sneaking into your messaging and sabotaging your efforts.

If you’d like help pinpointing exactly what’s going on and get suggestions for what to do next, schedule a consultation with Holly!

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